COSA A pattern and practice of uncivil wrongs

As the City of St. Augustine enacts four more anti-free-speech ordinances aimed at protecting the local Tourism Industry monopoly owners and repressing competing political views with aggressive and hostile use of police officers doing the will of the Commerce sector leadership, our organization feels called upon to take action.

The Civil Wrongs Movement will move on the City of St. Augustine and all of the decision-makers, those private and public who have sustained a city policy most respondents claim they are unaware.   City Commissioners deny suppressing free-speech, even as they empower police officers to act in their name to punish those claiming these rights.

The policy and problems to be solved by the policy is hidden behind subterfuge and misdirection of the City attorney and the Chief Law Enforcement decision-maker, City manager Bill Harriss even as City Commissioners validate the hidden policy in the name of solving a different problem entirely.

The matter of a city policy suppressing the civil rights of targeted sub-classes of Americans is dismissed in the minds of city commissioners, as they focus on solving a contrived and phony problem of Downtown Commercial landlords and the white-only Tourism Industry monopoly perpetrated by these official city policies.

These same city commissioners depend upon the Downtown Chamber of Commerce gang for campaign contributions to get re-elected, and they agree to the extra police protection provided their secret masters in return.

This quid-pro-quo where a handful of merchant princes get strong-arm protection from City police Officers is clear evidence of a criminal conspiracy to interfere with Rights, a federal Crime punishable with time in the Federal penitentiary.

Forget Free-speech violations, or arguments over what is and is not Art, when a city police force is used in a criminal conspiracy against Rights, the Department becomes a corrupt organization and arm of conspiracy…so what are you going to do about this?

Do you think the SAPD is a criminal conspiracy and no longer a legitimate Law Enforcement Agency?

3 Responses to “COSA A pattern and practice of uncivil wrongs”

  1. scofflaw Says:

    Shouldbe oncemoreintothebreachvery soon…lookslike what we’dincludingwalshie talkedabout withye shouldmanifest for realinnext few weeks lets talk turkey as to handling these turkeysby making’emeat crow…give meacall to remindmeor I’lltry starting tomorrow otherwise…

  2. chamberofjustice Says:

    Yes Frank, once more into the breach!

    I’m looking forward to you and Danny coming back and joining in the frey. I know you moved things along in Philly and we will follow up on that in due time.

    It won’t take long for our campaign to unwind and show up on the public stage. Thanks for adding your comment…huh, Frankie,…could you clean it up a bit there?…We’re hoping for more people to read and comment:-)

    Ladies and Germs, Frank is a key designer in our enterprise, appearances not-with-standing:)

    call me Frank!

  3. Erick Says:

    What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how concerning unexpected emotions.

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