Working together through a storm opposition

This is what the modern pragmatist is faced with: we must draw the conclusion and treat as a norm a storm of bitter and venal opposition over the most minor issue, event, affair or idea that may come up.

Anything we say or write will whip up a storm of opposition, and occasionally praise, yet if men and women of good will are to work together to find solutions to the complex and vexing problems of the day, we must find deeper ways to relate and work together to weather those storms and grow closer to those nay-sayers, back-stabbers and gossips we call colleagues, neighbors, family and friends.

Therefore our operating principle must be to take these seas and storms into account and still chart a course that allows our personal ship of state to remain sea-worthy and God-willing, fiscally sound…thats “solvent,” money in your pocket for all you accounting or finance students.

If we experience a base signal or white-noise level of mental discontent and troubled relationships, then only extreme variance or pent-up dramatic or socially explosive expressions  stand out as triggering devices that deliver a cascade of emotions and mental imagery connecting a trivial incident to a truck-load of mental baggage.  Its the baggage that matters, the trigger is almost a favor because it brings the real problems to light.

Yet despite the urge to throttle the idiot who keeps saying ‘no, it can’t be done,’ or  ‘you’ll never amount to anything,’  we must find ways to smile and accept the trivial things that would stand in the way of achieving operating efficiency and a strong personal commitment to solvent, self-sustaining operations…the noise of opposition would stand in our way if…we allowed ourselves to get side-tracked with trivial matters of annoyance.   Can you afford to be annoyed with the people you need?

As St. Augustine was faced in 1995-96 with wide-spread ignorance about what the legal situation was with street-performers and the city, every effort I made to get artist, performers or the general public involved spurred as many letters against me or ideas I had advanced as they did letters about what the powerful people of St. Augustine were doing to the weakest and most vulnerable.

Yet, as the “crowd” became more vocal, and more people engaged, out of this apparent chaos, dozens of advocates began to work their own campaign.  Our efforts created one group of the 19 most prominent and successful artist and performers.  immediately, 6 or 7 other groups were formed…all of which worked wonders against each other.  Crowd-sourcing is now understood as a powerful public-decision process though almost every government official prefers control and coercive processes.

Navigating your issue, your career or your marriage through this storm of opposition and scant praise takes nerves of steel, you may have to toughen-up and learn to cope without over-reacting (if you notice or react, you are over-reacting, most of it you can just let-it-go) so remember who you are and what you are about and to quote a famous Admiral, “Damned the torpedoes, full steam ahead!”

One Response to “Working together through a storm opposition”

  1. chamberofjustice Says:

    As it turns out, reading this today has calmed down the storm of conflict in my mind and here in my own house and helped me put things in perspective…still have the adrenaline aftermath, but my mind is calming down.

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