Tnx Bindi Lenard: Everything I do is by choice. What did you choose today? – Louise L. Hay

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  1. Frank Walsh Says:

    Then what is the difference between making choices and making decisions?
    This is the practical consideration of the present moment both historically and individually/ “personally” for the radical subjective this excellent quota especially the question Hay is extending to US?!

    • chamberofjustice Says:

      Making Decision’s tends to indicate the power of the decision-maker to make the call from the choices before the decision-maker as presumably, problem-solving occurred in the choice made and acted upon. Modern hierarchal decision-making processes and systems focus upon decision-making and the authority of the decision-maker with an intrusive decision-maker running down court with HIS front-line team telling them who to pass the ball to so HIS team can score.

      Real teams are trained to instantaneously understand and respond as a team with no need for top-down problem-solving authority to seize up communication and collaboration. The team owns their success and their failures and learns from them, high-energy output is a natural outcome of team-member engagement and satisfaction.

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