If its “not your problem” on the front end, watch it doesn’t become your problem on the back end – Roger G Jolley

4 Responses to “”

  1. janine newfield Says:

    That is a excellent quote you wrote Roger.
    This has nothing to do with the quote but liking this quote so much made me think to tell you…
    I personally like concise writings, quotes are the extreme, a lot of thoughts from a few words. I feel that the longer and redundant writing, Lots of words that equal less thought. (well, if someone actually reads the whole writing).

  2. frank walsh Says:

    Excellent re:remember cause ‘an effect, keep your mouth shut and ry. eyes and ears clear o’ th’ ole a priori strings and “sky- hooks”… thanks rog!

  3. Roger G Jolley Says:

    Thanks frank,,,,,,be sure to check out our journal now available in html.

  4. Chamber of Justice Says:

    I have to agree Janine. Often as I seek to reduce wordage I use terms that some tell me ‘sounds like I’m showing off’ fancy language or talking over their heads so I have to be careful how I reduce word-clutter…I’ve tried working on shorter pieces (2-page) but even that I’ve been told reads like a doctorate or masters level article….I don’t see it, but I keep working on telling the story as I see it, looking for the words to say what I mean.

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