Each solving for different problems while rowing in-sync with others


Red and Yellow, Black and White- precious in our sight

Charley Groth posts…Understand that I am saying both of these guys I have been exchanging views with are what I would call very good people. They have just been so blinded by the teachings of their religion that they are trapped in it and unable to consider anything beyond Christian dogma.

Roger G Jolley Charley, I’ve been studying this phenomenon of “blindness” across disciplines and many fields of science and have found some insights I deploy as operational conclusions.

In most instances under observation the key factor seems to be ones choice to remain fixated upon one’s narrow, internal narrative and craft conscious conclusions about the “outside” world from that inner-narrative.

Incoming senses are blunted, ignored in favor of pre-determined conclusions…arrived at before the fact.   Some people choose to believe the dialogue in their head under the impression that is thinking…then they don’t believe or trust their own senses and can not see the impact of their actions, utterances or pattern of behavior upon all the others with which one share his or her life.

Another operational factor is, we are all solving different problems from the obvious and visible problem, but we frequently and mistakenly believe others are all doing that same thing we are.  We act and believe differently because despite similar activity, each is solving for a different problem set.


We see three street musicians doing the same thing, performing their show with a bucket or violin case at their feet for a cash-gesture.  Each performer is solving for a different problem, one wants to get out of the house and work on some of his arrangements, another needs the money for rent, another is hoping to meet some girls, yet they are all “doing the same thing,” right?

We all watch a football game, there is only one game and many of us, right?  Well, its not that simple.  Each observer is watching their own private game, thinking everyone else is seeing exactly what he or she is seeing.  Yet, each observer is “solving for a different problem set” and is coloring all of their observations from their particular mind set.

The man who has a chance encounter with his ex-wife and new spouse (and his team loses) see’s a different football game from the game a woman see’s, who know’s nothing about the game but is delighted her husband is in such a good mood because his team is winning.

Each and every observer is seeing something different because they are watching out for different things and solving for a different problem set.

“They” are not just control-freaks, authoritarian,  stubborn, or pig-headed and refusing to acknowledge what is standing right in front of them and obvious to you, others are literally processing the same observed information you are getting but using that observation for a different purpose and honestly do not see what you see…until you help them see what you see.  We can agree on the score but we will never agree on what the score means, reality doesn’t work that way…rgj 6.13.11

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