About The Chamber of Justice Inc

We are organized under the State laws of Florida as a non-profit corporation created as a counter to the Chamber of Commerce to secure, promote and protect the economic Interests of all flesh-and-blood, the entire human family is our protectorate.

We will charter city and county Chamber of Justice groups nationwide to develop a presence wherever the Chamber of Commerce operates including an international presence before the Governments of the world.

We embrace our kinsmen who make decisions for the two artificial-persons Sectors of global decision-makers, the commerce & Industry Sector of corporations and the Government/Courts/Police Sector of corporations.

We need Commerce and Industry for jobs, goods and places to shop, we need government to do the job they are charged with so treating commerce or government as an enemy is not going to work out well.

The third leg of global decision-making is by “we the people, all flesh-and-blood.  The Global Human Family makes up the third Sector of Global decision-makers and this group is both the most powerful and the most in need of understanding the nature of our new information economy and the resulting surge in the personal power of individuals over powerful governments, commercial giants or Industries.

We will explore this vision for a sustainable world which we hope will have a diminishing effect on expected widespread violence by governments and police against their citizens during the years to come.

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