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Flagler College reported to St. Augustine news desk that Professor of Sociology, Dr. Casey Welch, will host a screening of a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and discussion of the civil rights movement

January 19, 2010

Flagler College reported to the local St. Augustine news desk that Professor of Sociology, Dr. Casey Welch, will host a screening of a biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a discussion of the civil rights movement with a question-and-answer session including local activists and historians.
Historic City News readers and the public are invited to attend this free event on Thursday, January 21st at 7:00 p.m. in the Flagler College Ringhaver Student Center located at 50 Sevilla St.

King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” will also be presented.
Following the presentation, the discussion and Q and A will cover the history of segregation, the civil rights movement and the progress and improvement from the 1960’s through today.

Organizational Dynamics and Civil Rights Violations by Government

January 19, 2010

Roger Jolley and City Manager William Harriss at break during a city commission meeting

Behavior and decision making within any organization will at one moment deal with executing the mission, in the next second, an organizational dynamic can shift decision-making to things like threats to the survival of the organization, or threats to senior management, setting aside the mission.

Other times, slack management or failures in competence will allow a minority culture to form and take over the organizational operations to implement cultural aims, such as suppressing political protest, using police as part of a conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, and all the other dimensions of Jim Crow governance.

The people of St. Augustine have no oversight whatsoever over their government, elections are more or less rigged to keep the City Manager in charge so he can serve his commercial Tourism Industry masters.

City Manager William Harriss serves a secret master and the city commissioners who have legal power in truth are mere puppets, played by Mr. Harriss and his puppet master.  I wonder who you are…come out, come out wherever you are, we’d all like to play with you!!

Martin Luther King Day 2010, St. Augustine Florida

January 19, 2010

…One can only ponder the various factors that left this march a largely white populated event put on by members of St. Augustine’s Black Churches, but the reasons for human behavior, especially in this town are difficult to fathom….

…It seems the people of St. Augustine and St. Johns County are indifferent, ambivalent or antagonistic to the Reverend Doctor King and this holiday, except a very small minority of the Lincolnville, West Augustine families….

…Yes Mr. Mayor, it was a battle ground like Gettysburg or Vicksburg, but it is the site of on going battles your police department has engaged on behalf of the downtown business conspiracy since 1984.  Its a battle ground that will be your Waterloo, God willing and the creeks don’t rise.