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What is Government? – answers from current New’s ‘use of words’ (#3 in a series)

August 29, 2011

Is the Government those we elect or do they control the government?  I posed that question in the first part of this series.

With  “THE TRIBUNE” headline, “”

Government tours islands hit hardest by Hurricane Irene

“”…one expects the meaning of “GOVERNMENT” to be “the leaders of government”, perhaps a very small number of them.  Its unreasonable to think the entire body of people working for government toured the disaster area.  The body of the article provides a more precise meaning to the term.

“”Fly-in visits to Cat Island, Acklins, Inagua and Long Island gave cabinet ministers, senior government officials and members of the national disaster management committee an opportunity to see the wreckage first-hand and meet locals who weathered the category three storm.””

“”Director of NEMA, Commander Stephen Russell said the whirlwind tour will be followed with a co-ordinated relief effort to meet the basic needs of impacted communities.””

“””Now we can plan how to respond to the needs of the citizens who were impacted in these communities,” Captain Russell said.””

“””As we go into next week we will now have more focus.””

“””Technical officers of these agencies will come into the islands and start doing their formal assessments, going from street to street, door to door, finding out the needs of the citizens, how their homes were impacted, as a result of the storm.”””

“”Power and telecommunications should be restored within the next two weeks, Captain Russell said.””

This example suggests the government is the high-functionaries who direct large ministries, able to deploy resources to help people rebuild and recover.  The “Technical Officers” do not seem to be included in this definition of “Government.”  Don’t all who act in the name of Government and their actions count as government action?

The story demonstrates that “The” Government (High-Ministry Decision-Makers) is there to effectively direct assistance to it’s citizens and this seems to be a clear statement of the purpose of government though it is only implied within the above quotes.

As a side note I particularly enjoyed the “House Rules,” restrictions and community values concerning online comment policy by the “paper.”  We can learn to be a more civil society by observing successful, civil societies.  Manners are important after all.

The government here took responsibility to restore essential services, another “expectation” that we might have when we discuss or use the term “Government.”  If this is an example of good governance in a civil society, then we should contrast these observations with bad governance in violently uncivil-societies.

It may be instructional that bad governance in violently uncivil-societies occurs in the cradle of civilization and indeed bad governance is directed by rulers who could have learned from their ancestors which are responsible for a remarkable part of what many in the world commonly think of as “civilization.”   Perhaps a brave new world will bloom from this global crisis in “Government” and governance.

Stay tuned for the contrasting views of government and more on these News items concerning Syria and Turkey and what their expressions about government and governance means in “WHAT IS GOVERNMENT? – (To be announced, wait for it…), (#4 in the series)”

What is Government? – a nuts and bolts answer (#2 in a series)

August 7, 2011

Government is a human Institution, it is made up of the many decision-making managers of an large organization and the government employees directed to deliver those services and government goods to citizens and non-citizens alike.  Government describes both the decision-making structures and operations and the visibly elected body’s of government, legislation (write the Law), executive (enforce the law) and judicial (determine what the law means).

“Government” is also an abstraction, a mental invention which allows us all to act as if we know what it means when someone uses the word “government” in conversation.  The word has extremely broad meanings and use so we would like to be a little more precise.

As an abstraction (a mental fiction) the term “Government” can be used to describe a police department, a court room, a jail, a drivers license clerk, a school janitor, the President of the local School Board or the President of the United States.  All Corporations and States must govern.

Government means many things at once, perhaps something entirely different to every different listener so it will help our discussion to narrow some things down so we can converse intelligently about governments around the globe.

A government governs, it functions as a last-resort decider of disputes in its territory and among its own people or with other nations or people, and it enjoys the right to use coercion under circumstances usually determined by a State Charter or Constitution.

In the West, Civilians believe their Government controls the military and police power of the State.  Western Government rules people who have come to be conditioned by “the rule of law.”  The pragmatic and primary meaning of that term indicates a population who has for the most part come to expect each other to obey the law and believes government and corporations also for the most part obey the law.

The terrible failures of government in Northern Ireland and in Kosovo are examples of society’s who have had and lost the culturally stabilizing influence of the rule of law.  Decades of bloodshed and the senseless killing of innocent people later, the rule of law is under reconstruction as local confidence in government’s willingness to obey it’s own laws is slowly established.

When Government and the color of law is used as a weapon against the enemies of cultural minorities running government, the harm done is so great as to warrant a unified global response as occurred in Kosovo.

A properly functioning government operates as a delivery system of services and government goods and tends to be neutrally delivered to all parties as appropriate if properly managed.

Weak or absent management tends to result in various inside cultural minorities competing to gain control of the organization which can lead to incompetent management and a deterioration in the delivery of goods and services.

In extreme cases the inner-cultural overthrow of management and mission could ultimately lead to formally dissolving the organizational through bankruptcy or sale to another company, or to the violent or non-violent overthrowing of gangster government as the case may be.

So we can see government is a State apparatus that handles the day-to-day business of governing people and territory.

The leaders or directors of that government may come and go through general election or may be hereditary; leadership may pass on through violent overthrow or leadership succession may be secret and rule through the threat of immediate and deadly violence quieting dissenters with a promised threat against their entire family for speaking out; but leadership has a separate interest from the governing operations they lead.

The Nation State is made up of the people, the government organizations and the leadership that constitutes by international diplomatic agreement a Nation State.  Every leadership group does not gain international recognition and diplomatic relations and some territories with the name of a nation have no legitimate and recognized governments.

More soon, so stay tuned for the next post on “What is Government, (to be announced, wait for it…) (#3 in a series)…rgj

What is Government and Why doesn’t it do what it’s supposed to do? (#1 in a series)

August 7, 2011

Does Government have “Rights?”  Has Government become a political party, the Party of Government?  Current Events offer us clear insights if we can see past the clutter of conflicting characterizations ‘about’ current events and locate among that emotional-clutter the nuggets of structural information that will inform participants in the discussion on Government.

We have expectations, each one of us do, about what the government is and what it should be doing and we tend to believe everybody else already understands what we understand, then we rant about what we think is happening and this is where our inter-personal and inter-societal dialogue begins to spiral into “clusterfuck,” an Organizational Dynamic’s Term that needs no further explanation.

People don’t have a clearly defined idea of what government is and we don’t trust what somebody else thinks government should be (it means something different to everybody who has an opinion) so how can we understand what is happening in the relationship between government and people all around the globe right now?

Is America the Government and it’s Military and Police Force or is America the people they govern?

Is the Government those we elect or do they control the government?

Is Syria the Government of President Assad with his military and police power or is the nation the people who live and work there each ruled by the authority of the government?

What purpose does this institution we call “Government” have and what is happening to it in modern times (August 7, 2011)?

As the Syrian Government “cracks-down” on non-violent dissent creating violent self-defense by the people of Syria, some questions become pressing for each and every human on the planet.  The global Human family is in crisis and this is but one symptom.

Elections are announced at the same time the Syrian National Military is occupying several city’s and killing thousands of their own citizens with Tanks and heavy armor to keep the current political leaders in place.  Is this pretense of a legislative and executive government elected by the people supposed to stand in the face of obvious contrary evidence?

Is the purpose of Government so vital to the people and the Nation that violent repression and killing of those who disagree with government authorities is reasonable behavior for a Sovereign Nation?

Can you think of a legitimate reason to use government force to suppress the free exchange of ideas between people, especially with people who disagree with governmental results and it’s impact on the people they rule?

Can any common-criminal claim government sovereignty and simply kill those who disagree with them to force an entire nation to submit to the leadership’s (or Political faction’s) domination?

But the most important question now is how long can International Relationships and a Globalized Economy continue to conduct business as usual with thinly-veiled criminal gangs running entire Nations, criminally misusing internationally sanctioned National Government Authority?

In the next few posts we will explore this “problem-cloud” and try to sort out what government really is as a function and how it operates under “normal” situations, then we can look at and understand possible solutions to some of these pressing problems.  Please stay tuned for the next Post on “What is Government- (to be announced, wait  for it…)? (#2 in a series)”

President and Chairman of the Board, Roger Jolley

September 7, 2010

City Commission Candidate photo

I am leader of a team creating an organization to serve the global human family in a similar way that the Chamber of Commerce serves the business community.

The International Chamber of Justice will deliver services online and advocate for local individuals with both corporate sectors; the government and commerce sectors.

We expect to have a local body in each U.S. County, matching the advocacy power of the Commerce Sector with “We the People Power.”

Our International growth will be independent of our domestic development, undertaken by individuals within their own particular political and social system.

Our Mission includes protecting and promoting the economic interest of our members while reconciling our personal relationship with government, which we need to do its job, and with the commerce sector that we need for jobs, and to buy goods and services.

We must find a sustainable relationship to replace the incessant conflicts of Industrialism: our institution proposes to serve all parties and provide a pathway to this goal.

Government Done Well

September 7, 2010

Having a friendly discussion at City Hall, St. Augustine, Florida.

In these times of heated-up, hyped-up criticism of government it may serve thoughtful Americans to have a brief glance at Government Done Well to remind us why we bother to vote, and why we need the nincompoops who honorably spend their lives serving the people with a government job.

Look first at our system of roads and highways. Government takes tax-dollars and sees to it that safe roads and bridges are built and maintained. There is free, unlimited access with no pay-per-mile fees or check-points to check papers and route-authorization. Generally, traffic has free flow without interference.

You can go where you want using any route you want if you have a car, gas and any toll moneys needed. Regulation is exclusively related to public safety; the safe and smooth flow of traffic. Highway Police issue traffic tickets to encourage speeders to slow down and also serve as emergency response when drivers collide and crash.

These professional police officers protect us from thoughtless, drunken killers who put others at risk driving when they are impaired. We all know someone who did this during the Labor Day Holiday. Could my friend be a killer, could I…could you use bad judgment that kills another?

Best of all, anyone can use these roads to help them make money, with no business-tax attached to each and every transaction. Imagine paying every trip for the business-use of the Highways (a charge for each tiny increment, the standard business model of Industrial/Commercial America) as you drive to your low-paid job with no benefits.

Now look at the system of Money. That $20 bill USD is happily spent by a Palestinian, an Israeli, a terrorist thug, a government agency, a street musician or an industrial plant manager…or…You. People with extreme personal, religious and political disagreements all use cash, it’s a system we can all use.

Violent-extremist (Terrorist), Owners, Labor and children all happily share this abstract system of paper-money with little regulation on the spender who stands in a grocery store choosing what candy bar to purchase. Mom can regulate here instead of some unknown government decision-maker hidden from view.

In these two descriptions we see government done relatively well and people exercising impressive freedom with nearly no government imposed limit on behavior. In these examples, Government leverages their citizens in minimal ways that are tied exclusively to public safety and the maintenance and operation of the system.

This kind of governance inspires confidence. These government-run systems create jobs and grow prosperity. They allow individuals maximum mobility; social, geographic, economic, and political. These government run systems serve the people in a way that allows maximum self-direction, maximum exercise of freedom with minimum coercion or heedless government-intrusion into YOUR business.

See, Government can be done well with professionalism in place of steadfast, dreadful punishment for being accused of a minor infraction.

So, can we design government operations that work this well in other areas of concern? What candidate or office holder is showing you how this can be done? What political campaigns are demonstrating this kind of professionalism, which are pushing people’s angry button?

by…Roger Jolley, September 6, 2010, St. Augustine, Florida

COSA A pattern and practice of uncivil wrongs

January 27, 2010

As the City of St. Augustine enacts four more anti-free-speech ordinances aimed at protecting the local Tourism Industry monopoly owners and repressing competing political views with aggressive and hostile use of police officers doing the will of the Commerce sector leadership, our organization feels called upon to take action.

The Civil Wrongs Movement will move on the City of St. Augustine and all of the decision-makers, those private and public who have sustained a city policy most respondents claim they are unaware.   City Commissioners deny suppressing free-speech, even as they empower police officers to act in their name to punish those claiming these rights.

The policy and problems to be solved by the policy is hidden behind subterfuge and misdirection of the City attorney and the Chief Law Enforcement decision-maker, City manager Bill Harriss even as City Commissioners validate the hidden policy in the name of solving a different problem entirely.

The matter of a city policy suppressing the civil rights of targeted sub-classes of Americans is dismissed in the minds of city commissioners, as they focus on solving a contrived and phony problem of Downtown Commercial landlords and the white-only Tourism Industry monopoly perpetrated by these official city policies.

These same city commissioners depend upon the Downtown Chamber of Commerce gang for campaign contributions to get re-elected, and they agree to the extra police protection provided their secret masters in return.

This quid-pro-quo where a handful of merchant princes get strong-arm protection from City police Officers is clear evidence of a criminal conspiracy to interfere with Rights, a federal Crime punishable with time in the Federal penitentiary.

Forget Free-speech violations, or arguments over what is and is not Art, when a city police force is used in a criminal conspiracy against Rights, the Department becomes a corrupt organization and arm of conspiracy…so what are you going to do about this?

Do you think the SAPD is a criminal conspiracy and no longer a legitimate Law Enforcement Agency?

January 27, 2010

Your character is who you REALLY are. Not who you “say” you are. Your words mean NOTHING if they don’t line up with your actions!

January 26, 2010

LET’s not Forget! Shame on you America: the country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment – yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won’t have the guts to copy and repost this.

December 29, 2009

Better to kill your nation than lose control…idiots…there are no patriots in the Iran government…just thieves and thugs who hate God.

December 29, 2009

Thugs running the government of Iran think they can kill all their enemies, stupid rabid fool…all you can do is kill your nation..nice job