Cover- Journal for the International chamber of Justice Inc. Volume 1

Founder Roger Jolley addresses a workshop conducted during the 2008 May Day Festival on the Plaza de la Constitucion, St. Augustine, Florida.  Picture by Jay Pleasant,

Volume one- Founding Ideas, principles and vision

The following volume will cover the design parameters, the ideas and ideals, the principles and a vision of this organization and where it might take us human beings if it is to take root here, and then grow like a weed first to a nation-wide movement and then to a world wide movement.

We hope The Chamber of Justice will eventually become entrenched in the minds of men and women world-wide as a vital human institution.

We initially began as a CIVIL RIGHTS group with a mission for economic justice and development.  We learned we must be a HUMAN RIGHTS group.

Then to address systematic civil wrong-doing, we realized we must police the police and all government as well, acting not just for civil rights but human rights.

Upon more study, we realized it was most important to serve our members and the community and provide some custom service like the Chamber of Commerce to develop and grow networking among ourselves.  Then joining our network with existing organizations and groups; this is our most important mission in my mind.

We must provide opportunities and a chance for people who don’t know or much like each other to get into new relationships based on things like common interest and mutual protection.

The more we thought things through, the more preliminary steps we discovered, the more complex our vision became, hence this Volume one of the Journal of the International Chamber of Justice was created to explain our massive vision for a new human institution.

If we serve the public, they should serve us

Beyond hollow rhetoric, current Institutions demand we serve them, yet they consistently fail to deliver the promise of serving humans.  Those captured by the system serve the system and dole out the help or protection of that system as if it was paid out of their own pocket, used personally rather than as an agent of the State.

If you’re black skinned in St. Johns County, you don’t receive the same service or protection of the law that a white skinned person does.

If you are white skinned and live in “black“ or mixed neighborhoods, you’re a SAPD suspected druggie and subject of intense police patrols on your own account.

What to do with lawless government , police, prosecutors and courts?

We began to think of a virtual organization with a skeletal staff  and nearly every function outsourced to for-profit operations.

All programs will be developed with strategic partners who are also for-profit.  In this way we will pay for developing and building the entire world-wide operations,  fueling local commerce, & creating jobs.

Herein you will find a vision, a design and a hope for a better world.

We are embarked upon an adventure and you are invited to join us.--rgj 10.1.08

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