Journal of the International Chamber of Justice Inc – Volume 1 Issue 2 November 14, 2008

Why we are

Evidence seriously suggest that humans could go extinct for lack of paying attention.  Unattended global human activity and our impact on the environment and on each other has become dangerous and threatens us.

The sense of danger or unease some of us feel comes from collapsing superstructures barely visible to most but which support life as we know it in modern times.

Others laugh with glee at the prospect ‘hateful’ or indifferent businessmen and politicians finally getting theirs as capital markets fail and global manufacturing goes into the toilet.

The impact of collapsing western institutions on all humans across the planet will be dramatic, dangerous, not a matter for glee.

It is our purpose to provide answers and expertise, services and programs to all flesh and blood persons world-wide in a manner which will provide a vision of a hopeful future to help make life worth living, especially for those who have lost hope or any desire to live.


Our counter group is the International Chamber of Commerce which lobby’s global and local government bodies on behalf of the Industry and commerce sector while providing services and a network for its members over which business is conducted.

This same networking activity empowers the business lobby to compete for ‘ government goodies’ in support of the economic interest of the commerce-industry sector.

Flesh and blood does not network as much and has no similar organization to promote and protect our interest.

The International Chamber of Justice is intended to be a new global institution protecting and promoting the economic and political interests of all flesh and blood.

We will provide networking opportunities

and specialized services for members & their community, similar to the way the Chamber of Commerce does for it’s community of entrepreneurs, bankers and professionals. We want to put you in the loop.

The International Chamber of Justice will also lobby all government bodies but on behalf of all human beings brooking no attempts to divide our interests while providing a network for our members over which their business of flesh and blood can be conducted.

We will bring everyday people everywhere to the table with world decision-makers to shape a sustainable future that will work for humans.

We can no longer sustain the current power arrangements that works for artificial persons but which undermines human well-being in most everything these artificial persons do.  All human institutions exist to serve people.


The unexpected collapse of the global capital market and the subsequent drop in value of global stock markets (manufacture) is not worth mentioning compared to the abrupt lurch to the left to a pinko-liberal world of hell for everything holy in America.

Without a blush Republican President George W Bush nationalizes banks, a large segment of the insurance business and half of all the mortgages in America without so much as a how do you do to the people of the world or his own nation as to the significance of his decisions and what it portends.

The impact of the collapse of capitalism and manufacture on the American people, our commerce sector and our government-police-courts sector is only now being considered yet the Chamber of Justice has been designed to help people understand the transformation unfolding all over the world. This is the first major reorganizing collapse and bigger institutional failures are waiting in the wings.

We need answers in the face of rapid transformation unfolding in the world around us-rgj 11.1.08

People today face not just change but a rapid transformation of everything we’ve ever known.  Power is not simply passed on to another authority, but is itself transforming as to what power is, how and where power is executed.  Osama Bin Ladin has proven that gun tech. can’t compete with expertise, information tech. and world-wide phone systems.  We all have to study and learn a new language.

A  tidal wave of change is in the process of transforming everything we’ve ever thought about our world and how it works.  This rapid change and creative destruction is difficult to get a handle on and is causing much anxiety in all economic classes, all races, all Americans.  We all need answers we can use right now, and it is our plan to provide you with a source.

The world works differently today from what many in America are accustomed to.  We’re getting things done in dramatically different ways from what one might expect based on the thinking from the time of my youth, the  methods and thinking associated with Industrialism and the factory model.

The mercantile economic model that uses a zero-sum game where every winner must have a loser is a false premise and soundly repudiated, yet all modern life is based on industrialism and the low-wage merchant based model. The so called free market has always kept wages at subsistence levels, not required by new business models available.

The mercantile-industrial decision-making process that has dominated world thinking for some 1700 years does not solve any current problems, and the application of this outdated thinking model is causing the collapse of the institutions described with industrial language.

Terms used in statements like the recent collapse of ‘capitalism’, a new dawn of ‘socialism’ brought on by the ‘capitalist’ republicans, or the renewed fear of ‘communism’ are industrial language objects, a part of the common thinking patterns of hundreds of millions of Americans that skews our problem solving and solution seeking.

At the dinner table, industrial language objects pepper our interactions and shape our relationships with each other.  We perceive a chain of command, Dad, Mom and kids, a hierarchy structure based on domination, suppression and command of the situation.  We use (employ) factory based words and concepts to train our children and make arrangements with our spouse on ‘the division of labor’ at home.

Even at home we get things done on a schedule, still a factory necessity; and like Dad, our children take work home,  and we worry ‘what doth it profiteth a man to gain the world and lose his soul?’

Industrial language dominating your thinking keeps you locked in the past, unable to adapt and change to meet the demands of this new millennium world we all share.

A new language of adaptation to change brings about terms like value-added which adds a dimension of meaning and can suggest new ways to see the problems (opportunities) before us.

Hints about our future pathway hide in the language of reporting and technical details discussed by TV wonks and those who practice science-based management for example.  Marketing and brand ‘mechanics’ now design for a living system instead of a machine (the economy).

Answers lie in reprogramming our thinking as we did shifting from thinking of ‘waste’ to recycling, and ‘swamp’, to tidal basin.  A swamp is not a waste of space unavailable for economic exploitation, it is a tidal basin that feeds ocean fish vital for the global food supply.  Most waste can now be recycled profitably for recyclers and society.

And if we stop thinking of the homeless as waste and begin to think of recycling our loved ones back into a fruitful relationship, we may find practical answers to other pressing historic conflicts unsolvable under mercantile-industrial thinking.

Watch for more answers in future articles.

Operations under development

Newsletters on current events, opportunities to ‘get in the loop’ and home party plans for family memberships.

Scheduled events and pot-luck neighborhood dining to provide networking opportunities while sharing food and clean-up.

Develop a competitive co-op with the Chamber of Commerce for the good of society  at large.

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

One Response to “Journal of the International Chamber of Justice Inc – Volume 1 Issue 2 November 14, 2008”

  1. Chamber of Justice Says:

    As I wrote this just a week after the last Presidential election, I did not realize how rapidly our Government would break down and fail to function effectively. Congress has Pushed our USA to the brink of default which has precipitated a global failure of confidence not just in American Government’s competence, but nearly a dozen other nations are on the brink of failure….all at once. A collapse of multiple national economies will cause misery these miserable congressional DECISION-MAKERS CAN NOT IMAGINE. I say pray for us all.. The failure of government does not bode well for anyone. …rgj

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