Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 11 February 6, 2009

Why are we in trouble? People can’t understand

The simple, straight forward things we see in our day to day life have very complex systems of logistics and supply now global, which supports and underlies the appearance of our local, personal day to day life.

Having coffee and a danish at a local coffee shop is an international affair.  Coffees and teas are all imported as are  the sweets sold.

Thats not all.  The clerk is from Peru,  meats come from Argentina, fruit from Spain and the owners from Mumbai, India.  Kitchen help may be Mexican and in St. Augustine, Florida, the customers are from around the world.

If something as simple as having a coffee and danish is really complex, then the simple way we like to think about the world may be short-changing us, distorting our vision of what is.

What does this “mind crap” have to do with economic justice?

If we are to change the way we think about our world, then we must understand the role that thinking plays in experience and we must know the Mind’s methods with which we think.

Each of us operates in two different modes all at once.  My body in physical space//time is obviously me.  My mind in psycho//social space//time is also me, but I seem even more  isolated and separate from others in that space//time then I am in physical space//time.

Just as our bodies share physical space//time, so our minds share psycho//social space//time with others.  I feel alone and separate, but now I know that I exist in a sea of other minds and this space//time has an entirely different set of physics; mental time and space behave differently from the physical time/space.


We meet together at work, we meet together at church and we meet for lunch.  But if we’ve come to a meeting of the minds, then our minds can be working together with others even while our bodies are in different places and even when separate in time from each other and doing entirely different things.

When we consider public issues of great import, look just one level deeper and you will see it is what minds are making of it that both drives the problems and the solutions.

All the great religious books contain an entire set of detailed instructions for the mind.

All lifestyle questions and instructions on how  to think and why are contained for example in The Holy Bible, the Talmud, The Koran & others.  These written instructions offer a mental pattern for ones life is one reason religion has persisted for many centuries.

Its true the physical work men and women do together builds highways, sky scrapers and a Big Mac Hamburger, but the mental work men and women do together literally creates our world of experience the idea of a road, sky scraper or a Big Mac, even a hamburger itself.

Some have no concept of hamburger or any abstraction we  take for granted as part of the world.  Abstractions are not part of the physical world.  They are part of the psycho//social world we share, which do exist in the world independent of our person.

Economic activity is primarily a result of focus, thinking clearly and concisely, then acting within a market to take a profit.  Only a mind does this, the currency paid is attention.

Opening up new public pathways

As our minds consumed the dramas and methods of industrialism we became convinced by the language others used to describe the world as it was believed to work at the time, and so people came to use the same terms at home to describe that situation, accurate and appropriate or not.

As people characterized what appeared to be happening in the world unfolding around them, they internalized the significance they assigned to things like factory Labor, blue-collar, white collar, owner class and a host of other ideas which they understood described the world outside their minds as it was.

For 1700 years the mental model worked

The explanation supplied by industrialism more or less described the real world sufficiently for people to understand their experience and to successfully apply its lessons to other aspects of being alive outside of commerce & industry.

Today, this somewhat simplified vision of how the world worked utterly fails to inform us what is happening now or who decision-makers are.

This over-simplified vision actually misleads us as we seek to understand how the intricate workings of a single global economy actually unfolds creating your day to day experience.


The idea of a national economy is becoming a less viable concept every day.  As my mind encompasses the essentials of economic markets, it really boils down to a parallel series of confidence levels and expectations.

Consumers with confidence in their jobs by large ticket items.  Investors with confidence in the stock market and a particular corporate management invest, those suspicious of  management sell short, but their obvious confidence in the marketplace remains.

Corporate management confidence is shown when capital assets are purchased or spending to expand a successful division.

Citizens with confidence in government go the extra mile, those who lack confidence in government transmit their suspicion to the community.  The entire super system of global economics and government rests upon confidence at several levels.

Restoring confidence will rest on helping people see transparent decision-making, and the altered relationships that drive this new, non-industrial based economy.


The American is a hardy breed with a core identity based on a notion of self sufficiency.  We don’t lie down at the first hint of trouble.

I see strong signs of endurance all around and I know that you do too.  Our confidence is not easily dashed but daily reports of new multi-billion dollar scandals are wearing thin.

Still, this multi-layer confidence game is one in which we all win, if things are what they seem.  That is our confidence problem.

The Game is rigged and we’ve known it all along

Nothing is what it seems and the one thing we all know about the books of the biggest banks is that no one, even their own board of directors believe what the books say.

So if the business culture of misleading and deceiving everyone while playing games with your secret accounting system has become business as usual, no amount of bail-outs or rescue will work.

The bailout enriches bankers with cooked books and leaves the corrupted record keeping and decision-makers in place to keep milking the system (stealing) with legal protection from the US Government.

Bankers undermining confidence, along with unwise fiduciary practices by government could undermine our national system of government to the point of collapse.

Restoring Confidence calls for restoring legitimate government

Anywhere tyrants have seized power and overcome righteous authorities in favor of their discriminatory ways and bias in law enforcement and public policy, we will care, and we will work to do something about it, no matter how difficult the task and no matter how long it takes.

Of the People, by the People

The answers to todays tough problems will not come from some savior who may come along.

You and I, our neighbors, friends and family will find our own unique way to adapt, to find the right problems to solve, and work more cooperatively with each other.

Together we will find a way to work more closely together as a people.  If you are a leader for today, then you will want to be a part of the Chamber of Justice, perhaps one of many, or maybe you can lead us all to grow a world-wide presence.  Join us. – – rgj 2.6.09

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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