Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 12 February 28, 2009

Of the People, by the People

If you are a leader for today, then you will want to be a part of the SASJC Chamber of Justice, perhaps one of many, or maybe you can lead us all growing into a GLOBAL presence.  Join us. – – rgj 2.6.09



The only way this organization can grow is if an average, ordinary day-to day person sees some advantage to being a member.

One problem we face is the lag time between meager beginnings where all that we have is a hope and a prayer and the time to come when we can supply services that will make our membership package a desirable bargain .

Between now and then we chose to attract members of the old St. Augustine Families like our Board Member Playthell Benjamin who grew up and went to segregated St. John’s County Schools when he was but a wee lad.

St. Augustine residents of Minorcan decent for the most part dominate the decision-making processes for our town and county and have for over 100 years.

The descendants of Lincolnville and West Augustine represent strong family traditions, as strong and as true as Minorcan family traditions, but unrecognized for their strength and endurance.  Yet these non-white families seem to dominate the jail population.

Knowing our leader’s and Lincolnville families as well as I do, I see the character and integrity of my Lincolnville neighbors and compare it to wily, corrupt decision-making by local authorities and elites, including our school superintendent, planning and permitting agencies, senior administrators of both St. John’s County and especially the City of St. Augustine.



What is missed by proponents of a continued cultural domination of the Majority by a tiny minority is the loss to the city and county of the talent, expertise and diversity of viewpoint, a loss caused by the diaspora of city natives of African-American decent.

Most talent of any race looks for work elsewhere and lives here for quality of residential life.  Talent flees this town and what do we have left after this brain drain?

People from the ‘bad,’ “Negro” neighborhood with skill and pride simply got away from tormentors who would never go away and would not stop.

By excluding ‘those people’ and heavily policing ‘those people’ and punishing any expressed desire to bring grievance to their government as any American is entitled to under law, the city created a hardy breed of individualist who have given much to the world, giants in many fields- they have made their contribution to human kind- – far, far away from St. Augustine.

‘The vast majority of sensible people had sense enough to leave,’ to anonymously quote one of my colleagues.  I am referring to young talented “black” men and women who took their contribution to the world elsewhere– a great loss to our local culture and economy.

Here at home, with many family members having left town, the Lincolnville families have struggled to keep their children out of trouble while heavy police patrols in prowl cars look for those who might stand out for special treatment.

I think its fair to say leaders of our local elite found out after they arrested the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior that there is a need to squelch leadership early  to prevent outbreaks from the “Negro” population or the “whites” that inexplicably choose to live close to “Negroes”.

American or Hyphenated American?

There is one America- we all come from somewhere else and there is no room for hyphens in our description of our very large national family.

We have an American President, not a Black-President.  We have a powerful Secretary of State, not a Woman-Secretary of State.

There is a sign down the street from my home from the old segregation days that titles a local Cathedral in Lincolnville as “Black Catholic.”  It goes on to describe the Parish.

I ask a local member of the Cathedral downtown what a Black Catholic was, thinking that it was a distinction as in black-Irish, a particular type of Irishman or woman.

No I was  told, dark skinned believers couldn’t worship with white-skinned believers and so they had their own parish.

I was somewhat stunned that God’s word would be perverted by the earthly church for social and political domination reasons, but then I remembered the history of the Catholic Church…or all the other churches you care to name.  Bloody, corrupt, putting their spin on Gods word and profiting from it.



There are those who argue with some substantial weight that you and I do not “own” our own body.  Think about that.

The men and women, girls and boys who make up our “non-elite” residents are sitting on a gold mine, unaware of their great capacity and capability that too many in these hard times can’t fully employ.  We can help.

My neighbors in Lincolnville have great talents and capacity and are having a hard time finding paid work to support their families and maintain their lives.

Under-employment has been a problem for generations but the growing job loss in both the global economy and here in our own country and region is growing into a crisis and I hear few local political leaders with ideas to grow jobs.



As Immigrants our forebears came to be accepted into the American Family as you would cousins who you don’t really remember meeting when you were at Aunt Doris’ house that summer in ’68 but its good to seem him again nonetheless.

Prior to America actually becoming a melting pot, culture was an extended family matter for most of your life, we had Family and few alternative models for behavior to observe.

As I studied History and Literature, and knew people on my block from different cultural backgrounds I found what from my family’s Point of View were alien cultural values that I found I agreed with profoundly changing me.

America has become a giant superstore of cultures and you can check the shelves and use this item from the Italian section, that item from the Chinese section or the values of the Dali Lama growing in unexpected directions.

Cultural Values, Cultural Knowledge

My trumpet player friend from High School was  French.  When Dad was home they all spoke French.  When Dad was at work they spoke Italian because Mama was Italian.  When the Grand-parents were there they all spoke English.

Having dinner at their house opened up a brand new window into the world and Cultural Values (what others thought was reasonable behavior and reasonable points of view).



Palestinian and Israeli youths are attending Personal Diplomacy Camps to learn how to listen to each other and how to let go of old misconceptions and harsh feelings.

We figure if those kids under great stress and in grave danger can face those they don’t like and don’t trust and over time can come to some sense of a common humanity and caring they didn’t know before, then perhaps the people living in Apartheid St. Augustine, Florida could give it a try.

Cooperative Competition for Government Goodies

Building relationships between people is our priority, frontal conflict less so.  Next we will look at building relationships with the two artificial person sectors.

It’s flesh-and-blood that makes decisions for corporations & Institutions comprising the Commerce & Industry and the Govt/Courts/police Sectors.


© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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