Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 13 March 13, 2009

Our mission is quite simple to say:


Position our new institution and fulfill our mission to serve all three sectors of global decision-makers;


1.   the commerce/Industry sector,

2.   the govt/police/courts sector, both artificial persons, and of course…

3.   our dearly beloved flesh and blood global family, the just-us-folks sector.


Keep in mind, our dearly beloved flesh and blood global-family sits in every decision-position for both artificial person sectors.

We will provide an overlay network to link existing social, religious and fraternal groups into an effective representation operation to protect the economic and political interests of all flesh and blood.

In practice, our processes and procedures, done in proper sequence to accomplish our desired goal must meet design criteria to create organizational dynamic tipping-points in our global society and economy.

We expect to assist ordinary people, local flesh & blood decision-makers with expertise and information previously only known to power elites and mid-level corporate officers, but packaged for new leadership born of the ashes of the Phoenix, the dying order.

We will also give away access to valuable on-line assistance and training programs, with certifications to enable people to create and/or move more easily into new jobs and careers.



It is our desire to co-develop job fairs, programs and events in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce that will help generate new businesses and new jobs.

We want to find common ground where we can cooperate and collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and any interested entrepreneur in the county.

Most all of us need local places to work, jobs to fund our consumer activity, and we need places to shop to do our consumer activity.

Keep in mind, we do not consume to make other people money, we need stuff.  When moneys tight, we cut out what we don’t need.

Working with the Chamber of Commerce as partners

Despite hard feelings and extreme positions often taken up by commerce activists and anti-commerce activists, there is broad middle ground that must be occupied by men and women of good sense.

We seek to appeal to you with what we believe are cross-the-board gains to be had by adding this missing network link to the socio-political economic dynamic, yesterdays paradigm, countering the other Chamber,  creating new market opportunities.

We will not simply offer another adversarial and confrontational attack outlet for those with hard feelings.

We all want our government administrators to obey the law, aren’t we all for lawful and proper government? Our Government Watch and Commerce Watch Programs are just a small part of the Chamber of Justice.

Our goal is to see beyond flash-in-the-pan single instances and recognize our long-term common ground for economic growth and social stability which CAN continue to grow financial opportunities for all people of any race, class, caste or position in perpetuity.



Because most of us outside of commerce and government do not network widely or well, individuals operating a business that do network have a big advantage when it comes to getting government goodies like tax breaks, better street paving or storm drain systems for ‘good’ neighborhoods instead of the neighborhood of disposable people.

No one steals or buys our government, we simply are too involved in our own situation, we have no time or inclination to pay attention, much less take time to network with others of like mind and coordinate our activities to win concessions and tax breaks for ourselves.

Instead of seeing class-enemies picking our pockets, we see neighbors who wish to feed their families by providing us with quality goods and services.

We will open up a marketing cohort with our services and networking which will be of great economic value to members & entrepreneurs, commerce and industry and will simultaneously increase confidence in the commerce, industry sector & the Government, courts, police sector.


All of our non-profit operations includes providing internal and external organization apparatus using outsourced functions to “for-profit” operations creating local jobs which pay local taxes.  Few staffers will work for us.

We will be using a “Virtual Operating System” similar to what is being used now in computer servers replacing several dozen servers with one, employing a virtual operating system.

Expected areas of conflict

We are actively researching State of Florida Statutes and local ordinances to create city and county ordinances we will present to our local Boards of Commissioners.  We want to attract & grow an informal economic sector.

First we will encourage the jobless to create their own jobs with work for family or friends created as a result.  The ordinance seeks to create a “jumper” certification that allows them to operate in restricted areas while entitling them to SBA and other business assistance programs for development and growth.

We intend to offer a legal way for ‘successful’ “INFORMAL” Micro-Business operators to overcome the known hurdles to becoming a successful Formal Business operator.

Our goal is to facilitate micro-financing along with our Small-Business Incubator Program helping informal-micro-business owners expand successful operations and create their own and/or new jobs in our county.


This too will be an area of conflict to resolve.

Cities are Cities because they are places to live, shop and work.  Without those things, they are ghost-towns.  Jobs are leaving.

Formal businesses are closely connected with local government for many reasons, the end result being local government is used to shut down  the“informal sector” of the economy to protect the “formal sector.”

This rather normal attack on ordinary peoples’ ability to adapt and innovate under pressure (necessity is the mother of invention) keeps them out of the tourism business allowing only connected, wealthy whites or Minorcan’s to access the tourist market and prosper.  This will no longer work for the Nations Oldest City.

We propose multiple entrepreneurial areas for “informal” or Micro-business vendor’s to work legally without molestation by aggressive regulators.  Our volunteer and staff business planners, accountants and finance experts can be available to those vendors who believe they are ready to grow or improve their  commercial operations.


The vision of how business operates or even what constitutes a business is not just changing every day, it is changing every minute of every day.

The language changes as fast as people can think and there are over seven billion of us thinking every minute, every day.

The problems we face are not the -isms of yesterday, the challenge is to find the hidden opportunities concealed in the disaster we believe we face.  We will solve our problems, People, current institutions can’t save us.

Cooperative Competition

The Chamber of Justice pledges to work with,  not against our neighbors in the Commerce and Industry Sector and their lobby group, the Chamber of Commerce.

Similarly, we will work with, not against our neighbors in Government, Courts and Police to restore and build both confidence in and participation with the men and women who serve our important human institutions.

Next Issue- Government sector relations.

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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