Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 14 June 13, 2009


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, – That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

The purpose of Governments

Billions of people have been inspired and their hopes lifted by these words from our American “Declaration of Independence

American purpose of Government is clear, “to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among Men.”  Government is too often used by decision-makers to challenge Civil Rights of individuals and deny as many people as possible the practice of those Rights of the People that American Government is charged with protecting and promoting.

Interest of the State or the Decision-Maker

Every Nation STATE has a person and set of persons making the decisions and ruling the State, each of whom has a self-interest, a political affiliation interest, an Operational Mission interest, and an interest in the mission all organizations share- assure the survival and perpetuation of the organization itself.

The men and women who are in the position to make decisions on behalf of a city, county, State (region) or Nation are themselves compensated and have a subsequent self-interest in perpetuating their position and power to decide for the many.  The temptations are many, restraint difficult.

When cultural bias, personal likes and dislikes are applied by authorities in situations rather than the laws, regulations and duties of fiscal responsibility and service to humankind, great damage is done to the Rule of Law & the STATE,  the People and the local economy; only the crooks win.

This damage occurs in part because it reduces productive output by depriving people of opportunity and market access, impacting our City and Nation’s global competitiveness; it damages us precisely because of the interconnectedness and realities of our new-age Global Marketplace.

Legitimate Vs. Jim Crow Government

Despite the American promise of equality and our understanding of the purpose of government, Jim Crow governing and commercial/Industrial Institutions still insist that no ‘colored’ is going to be treated equally with a southern white man.  No Union will be tolerated either, no sir-eee Bob.

The white men and women of all religious backgrounds who made the decision to travel to St. Augustine in 1963-64 to rally support for equality for “colored” people were also targeted by Jim Crow Justice systems, cruel parodies of a true American Justice System.

Like their dark-skinned brothers & sisters, they were subject to the same systematic abuse and denial of their status as citizens of the United states of America.  There was nothing to do about it but endure it and stand up for ones belief despite considerable danger to ones personal safety and job security.

Government to suppress the People for the Commerce and Military complex

Facing peaceful demonstrators, discredited President Ahmedinajad of the Islamic Republic of Iran spoke in the exact same terms St. Augustine Mayor Joseph Boles has used when speaking about using the police on homeless, the artists and the street performers.



Like the Iranian regime, St. Augustine also uses a corrupt police force to impose heavy police tactics to deal with political dissent, using the police to arrest and harass those who dare to challenge city hall. SAPD employs secret police intelligence operations & surveillance targeting people not accused or suspected of committing a crime.

Black clad officers wearing body armor cruise menacingly and silently through the night, & project the controlling power of the STATE on U.S. citizens fearful to exercise their God given and Federally guaranteed Civil Rights of Peaceful Assembly and Free Speech.

This occurs now, here in Sunny St. Augustine, Florida, USA land of the tourist & wage slaves.



Armed with truncheons and guns to intimidate the homeless and terrify street performers and visual artists our City Police have run hundreds of artists and performers and homeless wretches out of town with threats of being beaten, or threatened with rigged criminal charges, robbed by Cops, their possessions destroyed by vindictive police officers acting under orders from the very top of the Chain of Command.

All charged with a civil, city ordinance violations are prosecuted using criminal procedures so even a dismissal leaves the accused with a State criminal record regardless of the outcome before a Judge.

Punishment is assured as soon as the Officer walks up to you; is this American Justice or third-world police tactics and crooked Courts?

County Justice System Rigged

We know our Civil Rights to free speech and free peaceful assembly have been denied us for well over 16 years, yet there have been absolutely no consequences to those City Commissioners, Mayors or the only police authority in St. Augustine, our City manager who happens to be William Harriss.

City Manager Harriss, Sheriff Shoar, State Prosecutors and County Court Judges have spent well over $13 million tax dollars over the last 16 years deliberately using color of law to violate the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The City enacted it’s first Street performer obstruction ordinance March 1984 using police & courts as a strong-arm of a criminal conspiracy to obstruct Justice, systematically denying the civil rights of thousands of artists and performers on behalf of crooked cronies while preventing thousands from earning their living through entirely lawful means.



The previous paragraphs may give you an idea of how our relationship might go with those who abuse their power and authority running roughshod over our weakest and most vulnerable citizens & rewarding fat-cat friends with positions of power and prestige.

We will stand up civilly, and confront with great perseverance government decision-makers who act with disregard and endanger the survival and welfare of human beings.

No matter how pressing their STATE concerns may seem, there is no reasonable cause to use STATE organs of power to suppress rivals & despised classes of people.

No governor or president or dictator has this right, it is simply the act of a criminal and no more- the International Chamber of Justice will not tolerate such barbarisms.  We will act and resist until Justice is served.

Relations with legitimate Government Decision-Makers

The magnificent individuals who serve in government installations, offices and the field are unsung hero’s, by far the vast majority of them serve honorably and with great integrity.

These fine people are not well served by colleagues or fellow officers who abuse their position and authority or otherwise act in a non-professional manner.  Objections over misconduct are not always expressed or pressed upon superiors.

Honorable Government Officials

It is not reasonable to assume most governing officials are anything but well-meaning public servants.  Specific cases may be mentioned but do not automatically portray an operational norm within the agency where an offensive official may serve or work.

System issues are our main focus and we will not be hard focused so much on personal acts of administrators as the breakdown of system functions and relationships that allows abuse to continue unchallenged or become accepted as normal.

Helping Government achieve stability

Our goal is to assist & support solid and dependable government decision-making while representing the social and economic interest of human-beings who usually have no voice, no representation and no one of power to stand up for them, the weak, the disconnected, the despised & dispossessed-the middle-class.


© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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