Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 15 June 20, 2009


The purpose of Governments

“ – That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

How to help Government achieve Stability & Growth

The idea that a Nation State or Corporation can act in isolation for its own good and well-being is an Industrial language artifact, centralized decision-making against the world at large.

Applying this erroneous idea causes system-wide disruptions and has a caustic impact on people and the environment.  In National Economies, disruptions were localized somewhat.  In the Global Economy, such disruptions are disastrous, moving like a virus.

The results of applying this outdated set of ideas, implications and assumptions resulted in the fall of Capitalism as we know it.

The Capital Market that the Bush and Obama Administrations are still trying to prop up and preserve is already dead and must be reborn in a new form.  Today, no one or group on the globe can act in isolation.

Iran’s secret police and militias believe they can fix elections and use coercion to rule over people, yet the Internet and World News coverage has changed the dynamic and given even severely oppressed people power if they can find the bullhorn of the Internet and organize with others to defend their interests.

Government decision-makers

Ruling over people severely restricts the chances of dynamic growth in an economy or society, especially given the intimacy of todays global economy.

Those who would govern must find a way to escape the discredited ideas of the Cold War mentality, other Industrial language objects and the ancient, pagan belief that ‘somebody must be in charge.’

I believe if a government decision-maker feels he or she must crack down, some decision-maker messed it all up well before any crisis appeared.


Governments preserve for themselves the right to use coercion for the common good, yet it tends to be the first choice rather than a last resort.

The technology and engineering of corporate decision-making has advanced light-years from the 1920’s model of government decision-making methodologies and processes still commonly employed at every level of governance in America.

Antique business processes that solved early 20th Century problems can’t help government decision-makers navigate the new 21st Century unfolding rapidly and becoming something else than what the government decision-makers thinks it is.

Whatever problem they solve digs us deeper into trouble because they are not working with all the system information and a thorough understanding of the Global System dynamics, more engineering than Politics or Economics.

They are not solving system problems, they are caught up in conflicting characterizations of the system that prevents any hope of finding workable solutions for our collapsing Global Production output predicted to drop a stunning 30% this year alone.

A leader can not lead where the people are not already going, and the people of the world are not moving toward more oppressive use of police and armed force to enforce corrupt government edicts run with secret decision-making and the use of coercion and police-state tactics to suppress dissent.

No one seeks this kind of government except tyrants, warlords and the criminally insane.

Sharing Power, Nations of the United Globe

In his book “The Post-American World,”  Fareed Zakaria writes of, ‘not the decline of America’ but the “the Rise of everybody else.”

He goes on in Chapter one ““A related aspect of this new era is the diffusion of power from states to other actors. The “rest” that is rising includes many non-state actors. Groups and individuals have been empowered, and hierarchy, centralization, and control are being undermined.””

from “The Post-American World,”  ©by Fareed Zakaria

“”Functions that were once controlled by governments are now shared with international bodies like the World Trade Organization and the European Union.””

“”Nongovernmental groups are mushrooming every day on every issue in every country.””

“”Power is shifting away from nation-states, up, down, and sideways. In such an atmosphere, the traditional applications of national power, both economic and military, have become less effective.””

These power shifts can be resisted, and will be in many places around the world with massive unrest and armed suppression resulting.  Yet resistance is futile, full global integration can be delayed, not stopped.

Power arrangements preserved through secret artifice are collapsing and all the kings men and all the kings horses will not put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

Get our finger out of the Dyke, to free our hands for working together

Trying to hold things together is doomed to failure, the only way to survive what is a flood of transformation and rapid change is to join hands and minds and find new ways to accomplish our common purpose- a stable environment where we can raise our kids, work our job, live and die in peace and prosperity amongst peaceful neighbors.

Those who make governing decisions on behalf of The People will do things differently from those who act with dictatorial or appointed power where it is impossible for them to be held to account in a reasonably simple way.  The age of transparency is upon us, acting in secret is an admission of deceit.

Helping Governments Adapt

Our technology and engineering skills will be put to the service of local, state, national and international governing bodies especially our human brothers and sisters who will sit at the executive table and make difficult decisions in a highly complex world-scape for the people they Represent or Rule.

Though our brief is to protect and promote the economic and social interests of all flesh and blood persons (vs artificial persons equal under the law-government institutions and corporations) we do not believe we can do that without helping governments modernize their vision and expectations of what is to come and what they can do about any of it.

What Governments may make of us

The Chamber of Justice will maintain a professional staff similar to the Chamber of Commerce and will work in the community & with local governments as they do.

Anyone in Government who sees a threat to government in the International Chamber of Justice but does not see a similar threat from the Chamber of Commerce reveals some disturbing thinking patterns that does not bode well for those governed.



Like government, we will be providing services and programs for people and we must rely on a close working relationship with local decision-makers in both the Government Sector and the Commerce/Industry Sector.

Like the Chamber of Commerce, we will help grow jobs and nurture economic growth while educating and preparing our members and the public at large with opportunities to obtain new job training or life and mind skills to overcome chronic, life-long difficulties.

Our mission entails helping ordinary people and powerful decision-makers alike understand how our world works NOW & how we can help you leverage your understanding into a better life experience and a successful and sustainable Global world order that works for every nation, every people, every person.

Applying our new Expectations

We will continue discussing Government Relations because the most important element, the HOW still isn’t clear.  Our founders think we can serve any nature of Government & help them help their people live in peace and prosperity.

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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