Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 16 June 30, 2009


If the purpose of Government is to secure those protected Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and many in the world believe this to be the case, one must wonder how the interactive systems of governance & marketplace could have produced a Jim Crow System of corrupted Justice across the South and in other places within America or abroad.

Systems that connect systems

A Family is a system.  A Business is a system.  People doing business together is a system.  Systems go from tiny to large, our Cells are each a system and our body is a system.

Small systems work together in a marketplace to build a large system.  That large system works together in a larger dimension of a marketplace and creates a much larger system and a larger marketplace, and so on, etc.

This iteration continues on indefinitely up, down and also outwardly towards the physical world and inwardly into our mind & into our shared psycho-social space-time continuum.

The Vital Importance of Public Dialogue

Though its difficult to grasp, we face a different reality from the one held dear our whole life. We do not face a static world that exist outside us thats going to do what ever it does regardless of what we think about it.

We do not face a place where things are happening around us as we watch from the sidelines, or participate from the field or sip a cocktail in the air-conditioned box seats with the big-wigs as if above it all.

As my mind (a self-organizing system) interacts and clumps together with other systems (minds), ripples of effect and affect occurs throughout the space/time of the shared psycho-social mental space.

Its just like the ripples of physical effects and affects that occurs in the physical space/time continuum- my friend and I crash our bikes together while playing, I sprain my thumb & get grounded for playing where I wasn’t supposed to be.

Our minds mutually create our shared experience anew every single day.  Every single day we can start fresh with a new mental outlook if we choose to do so.

This could result in people creating better outcomes and experiences for themselves and their loved ones, and their Nation.

Jim Crow Mindfulness

We live in a community of minds that shape our common experiences, yet our society has almost entirely dismissed the importance of teaching children to think, with many hostile to thinkers.  Ignorance can be a weapon.

Shaun Kerry, M.D. (Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) writes  “”One of the first statements a professor of education at a venerable and well-established university in California made to his class with regard to children in public school was: “We don’t want them to think”.  Again, “The most productive way to foster mindfulness in society is to attack fundamental misconceptions that exist among our leaders.”

Our society & leaders scorn mindfulness as a liberal, college-educated slick con-mans gambit & prefers to avoid thinking, or reading except perhaps the gossip columns  or obits.

Yet because our minds mutually create our common experiences, the public dialogue, discussion, even argument and public protests and demonstrations serves to help us choose together what experience we want to create for our self and our Nation.

Public dialogue spreads new ways of seeing things and expresses what the mass of minds are feeling, demonstrating together for the way they want their world to unfold.  Naturally, some want our world to unfold differently.

Body-Centered Governance

The Jim Crow Mind Set is body centered, that is to say centered in physical time and space and the control of other people’s bodies, time and life direction, as opposed to self-control.

This is an important difference between the Jim Crow outlook and other points of view.  The mind is something few talk about down South except with a shrink, in health class, or church.

A widespread practice of ignoring our impact on the mindset of those around us can create a mentally toxic environment that begins to adversely impact the physical environment as well as the physical bodies of those around us, our own included.  A Jim Crow Community as described is a toxic place to live.

Jim Crow Cultural bias impacts the holder of those values in traumatic ways but will never know about it because these individuals have a unbending inside-looking-out orientation and are not prone or open to self-examination.

If the only important world to deal with is the physical world, and the body is the focal point of the person, not the mind, then we can easily dismiss as unimportant the adverse impact we have on others as we create a narrow-minded world experience, the Jim Crow Community.

Governing Jim Crow Communities

Jim Crow communities are made up of protected classes or races of people and victim classes that don’t deserve equal justice or equal treatment, at least not in the mind of the beholder, a member of the protected.

Cultural bias and institutionalized discrimination are hall marks of Jim Crow Systems as are anti-union sentiment among white, blue-collar workers and a belief that its natural that powerful people in business are also powerful people in government, they seem unconscious of the fascist nature of such a state of affairs.




The ideal modern government performs functions efficiently, designing and delivering services as they become needed to keep the city, Nation or agency humming along doing its job, performing its mission.

Those running such a government would focus on technical, financial and practical affairs of operating a government rather than mutating the system to serve the cultural bias of a dominant majority-based government system in the hands of a minority.

Whenever management is incompetent, out-of-control or absent, or if oversight is absent, a cultural elite can slip into power and pursue not the mission of the government but the cultural bias of that tiny group of adventurers.  This is how Jim Crow Justice Systems grow.

Mindset of legitimate government

The Rule of Law is all we have to enforce the U. S. Constitution.  Its all that protects Property Rights, the Rule of Law, little else.

What that means is nearly everyone more or less expects nearly everyone else to obey and live within the law.

If enough stop believing in the Rule of Law, civilization collapses to war and violence and imposed order rather than the organic order of democracy and free market globalism.

The Rule of Law can not be enforced, nor can it be imposed.  The Rule of Law is a belief amongst the governed and the governors and a learned behavior.  When that belief is lost, as it was in northern Ireland, and in Kosovo and Serbia, it takes a very long time, and much blood and treasure to rebuild that trust.  Its much better that governments don’t act in a way that threatens or undermines the general sense and belief in the Rule of Law.

This suggests that Governments and property owners such as powerful captains of Industry and Commerce would insist that the Rule of Law be sacrosanct, but instead they tend to threaten and undermine it with lawless acts.

Governments that undermine Rule of Law


It seems that the role of the Rule of Law is poorly understood, especially in Jim Crow Communities but perhaps on an even broader scale.  Criticisms of Judicial decision processes suggest that strongly held opinion and cultural bias is expected to trump law if enough people think it should be that way.

Places in South America a man can kill his wife and it is not murder or even a chargeable offense under certain circumstances such as when a man feels dishonored.  He will not be arrested or investigated.  Just because a lot of people believe this is reasonable doesn’t mean that it its reasonable under the Rule of Law.   Populism is a form of despotism.

Retrieving lost governments and restoring trust in the Rule of law

Regardless of differing governing philosophies we will work with any government to help them help their people prosper.

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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