Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 19 July 24, 2009

Parallel Lines of Development

We have written of the first locally Chartered Chamber of Justice organization under development, The St. Augustine and St. Johns County Chamber of Justice and this group will grow at its own rate, which could take two or more years to fully extend our development.

We had thought of a slow, linear development here in the Nations Oldest City and then opening up our group to Global development. Now we realize we need not wait.


Beginning immediately we will offer a membership in the International Chamber of Justice Inc. to anyone in any country who wishes to join us.

We will also accept donations to assist in the development and growth of our organization so we can provide services and support wherever our members  are located.

As any single area or country grows  memberships and the number builds to a likely tipping point, we will offer opportunities for local members to apply for an Organizing Committee Charter to organize a local Chamber of Justice.

Once requirements are met, a Chartered Organizing Committee can apply for a full Charter and Incorporate as one of our Association members.

This allows others to take our ideas, developing their own methods and techniques of delivering services and programs locally in addition to those we will offer through the Internet and running their own local Chamber of Justice.


Each society on the Globe can create its own unique version of the Chamber of Justice, just as they each have their own version of the Chamber of Commerce based on their unique culture and form of government..

We need not design this organization from St. Augustine, Florida, USA and enforce our vision on others.

We want all of the 3014 Counties in the United States to apply and each develop its own unique approach to implementing the organization described within this volume of the International Chamber of Justice Journal.

People from all the Nations of the World will organize their own National, Regional and Local units of the Chamber of Justice.

Make no mistake, we have a basic template in mind. The International Chamber of Justice will approve and charter all Organizing Committees and Chapters of our Association.

We do not plan on strictly directing development and will allow great latitude as each organizing committee decides what their organization should look like and how it should operate based on their local culture, beliefs and government limitations.

Minimal Operating Imperatives

Our local group of designers will set up the minimal guidelines and requirements and then launch a Web Site to begin offering Memberships and opportunities to grow ones own version of the Chamber of Justice.

Many programs and organizing tools will be available over the Internet from our Web Platform, and of course we will make heavy use of such social networking sites like FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and Linkedin.

We are also open to other designers and developers for the International organization.

We are open to working with organizations similar to ours with developing programs interested in the scope breadth & of our vision.

Though we have designed this new organization with an eye towards creating a new global human institution, we in no way believe we are wise enough or have all the experience between our organizers to plan and create this on our own.

Many eyes, many hands, easy reporting

We don’t have all the answers, but the human mass of people do.  Many eyes, many hands, & many minds can do what ‘experts’ can not.

We will create a developer and designer Blog so people from around the globe can actually help us build this Institution we envision.

A Chamber of Justice where you live

Our online Web Platform will deliver services , linking developers and organizers world-wide & alone would support a $35 US annual dues which offers premium online services and organizing tools, benefits of membership.

Any group of members could apply for an organizing Charter, paying a fee and obtaining direct assistance from our International Headquarters here in St. Augustine, Florida, USA.  We will also contact members and advise them there are X number of members in their zip code ready to consider building their own local chapter of our Chamber.

We suspect most organizing committees seeking a Charter will be for county and city organizations, but State or Regional organizations and National organizations will also need to organize themselves from the growing movement of online memberships.

A more rational organizing practice would be to develop a National organization to Charter Regional and State organizations, which would in turn Charter local County and City organizations but this top down organization fails to provide real tools to those who can grow this from the bottom up approach.

State, Regional and National Conventions

From sporadic growth of memberships, to a Chartered organizing committee to a city or county Chamber of Justice, our groups will grow and each year we shall hold a State Convention with representation based on the size of our membership roles.  Conventions will elect officers to run its affairs for the coming year.

The State Chamber of Justice will elect representatives to the National Convention electing its own officers to run its affairs.

The National Conventions of each Nation will elect representatives and the International Convention of the Chamber of Justice will elect its officers and conduct its affairs.

Hence, our organization will literally grow from the bottom up, a grass roots movement of human unity whose very existence gives ordinary people power to make a difference.


We now have five local members who have asked for an organizing Charter interested in building our first, founding unit of the Chamber of Justice.

Our Board of Directors have agreed and so we are pleased to announce an active organizing committee is operating in the continental United States in the Nations oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida.

A Charter Ceremony and presentation is planned in the near future and public meetings will be held to grow membership in the International Chamber of Justice.

Seeking a Strategic Partner

We want to offer a wireless Internet portal Service (ISP) and cell phone service to the general public with subsidized access for our members based on income.  Our business plan requires connected members using our web portal and our services or links to services.  Those without computers can obtain subsidized computers as well.

Our cell service will include free incoming which we expect will alter the national cell phone marketplace.

We seek a strategic partner ready to use their own capital and business organization to sell our members and the public ISP and cell phone services exclusively nation-wide.




Free-Market Social Programs

Our non-profit vision is to act as a market-device to enable links across many nations, many cultures and societies, many systems of government and leadership from Parliaments to Tribal Councils, but most importantly across the many economies of the globe that make up this new system of making money and growing prosperity.

We expect to foster economic growth and job opportunities in every place our organization grows as we seek to empower the ordinary people in a way that lets them know in a pragmatic and practical way that they and their family members are extraordinary and important to the successful unfolding of a sustainable global and local economy.

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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