Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 3 November 21, 2008 – PROVISIONAL MISSION STATEMENT

  We are designing an organization to bridge gaps and create new links where there were none, creating a global human institution key to a sustainable global society prosperous and at peace with it’s disparate parts.

We intend to fill a gap in connections between the three primary decision makers of society; the institutions of government sector, the artificial person sector as company or corporation and us flesh and blood persons.

We seek economic justice and justice under law for all flesh and blood persons compared to artificial persons (both corporations & govt institutions) equal to flesh under the law.

As the Chamber of Commerce provides a framework to conduct the business of commerce and industry while representing their political interest before government, the CHAMBER OF JUSTICE will likewise represent flesh and blood interests.

More importantly we will provide a  vision & framework for a more informed relationship with each other and all those artificial persons operating within the two sectors; the commerce/Industry sector & the government/police/courts sector.

We believe our framework, really a network like the networking made possible for business by the Chamber of Commerce will provide new opportunities for each of us flesh and bloods to solve our own problems and find new answers to the challenges facing us.

Why here, why us, why now?

Well thank you for asking.  Oh, and lets not forget How?  This is big, can we do it?



Why here?  In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr called St. Augustine Florida, USA ‘the most lawless town in America’ because the local city government, police and justice system was acting lawlessly.

The record shows they acted with no regard for law.  The police and courts are used to enforce the social order, cultural bias & brutal suppression of dissent replacing law and order as the mission of government

People who tried to report random shooting into their homes were afraid to file a police report.  Law enforcement was used to punish those who marched.  Things are little better today and its still used to suppress dissent.



For decades now,  the St. Augustine City government openly flaunts violations of State and Federal law with impunity.

Today City Commissioners praise the City Manager and do what the City Manager tells them to, assisting his concealment of willful law-breaking activity, with no consequences for themselves or the city manager.

Recently, the city manager and his bosses, five city commissioners knew they were leaking toxins of some sort, for years and agreed to allow it to continue for years!

They moved a dump they knew there was no permit to move because its unlawful to move a dump.  It was done anyway.  There have been no consequences to these decision-makers.  I may have lost count but recently I think it was three different EPA violations that all the commissioners knew about prior to any complaints that discovered the lawless action.

Once busted and the city fined (several times recently in a short time), citizens found out all the city commissioners knew for several years of law breaking actions or failures to act in each instance, and said and did nothing to direct the city manager to act lawfully and meet the requirements of the law.

Some 14 court rulings say the police used unconstitutional methods to enforce the street performer, artist, & panhandling ordinances.  No change in police enforcement ever happened.  The City Manager still directs illegal police practices and city commissioners have no problem with this unlawful activity.

Several city commissioners who knew about and agreed to all of this unlawful activity were reelected this year, including the local Mayor.

Since 1963, there have been no consequences for law-breaking city managers directing police activity under the eyes of city commissioners; no consequences for prosecutors and courts that assist the city in suppressing dissent and violating civil rights with impunity.  What civil rights act of 1964?



Why us?  This place is the home of great heroes and great cowards fearful of a return of racial violence.  After five generations of brutal domination & suppression of the many by a nasty tempered few, many residents have learned to live with it.  Some benefit from the suppression but know nothing of it.

Then there are those exercising authority in ways they know violate State or Federal laws but they enforce in ways that punish certain classes of citizens, ‘protecting ‘their own.’

Racially based police enforcement is a plague here in the nation’s oldest city.  Those white people who accept and live with blacks are also constantly harassed by police patrols.  Its assumed we live in bad neighborhoods to be close to a drug supply, and so deserve intense policing along with our black skinned neighbors.   We aren’t treated as Americans.

The courts and prosecutors, prosecuting SAPD harassment are a large part of the lawlessness Dr. King pointed out.  Since then little has changed with prosecutors, SAPD, or courts.  The law is put aside and solutions are found to keep people in their place, fearful to complain.

Today on the streets of St. Johns County, police regularly defy federal and state constitutional limitations.  Artist & the black community here suffers no illusion of the ruthless enforcement of a social order of dominance rather than protecting public order as local officials pretend is the case.

We intend to take up the challenge that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr laid before us and work through long-standing economic, social and political conflicts to protect the primary factor of production- us folks.  Since government is now a predator not protecting us, we must form a new institution that will.



Why now?  The collapse of capital markets is leading to a collapse in our industrial base, gutting jobs and productivity.  Most of us won’t see the real effects of this crash for some 18 months at which time things may begin to turn around as the system restructures what it does and how it does it.

Moreover, large scale social and economic unrest could result, people could go hungry.

Tent cities are springing up to provide for a large number of formally housed Americans who will soon be living on the streets, woods or backyards of their friends and family.

The Chamber of Justice will help us network with neighbors in the same boat and find new ways to live successfully with less.   We can prevent much unrest if we act now.

Aside from the economic times, it is right and just that the very people humiliated, dominated and suppressed, for so long actually develop the new institution that will light the way for the rest of the world.  And that leads us to How?


Our design engineers, economist and social-psychologist can not take this step.  Only the people who will be served by the institution can know what is needed.  Our professional help and guidance will not replace the decision-making power of stake-holders bent on saving themselves and their lifestyle.

Our members will help design our organization.  As we meet together at hosted HOME PARTIES to dine and discuss our common plans, working staff members will identify themselves by speaking out and taking part.

The programs necessary to serve flesh and blood will develop from your ideas.

The Chamber of Justice is not an agency for the down-trodden or the derelict.  It is a home for leaders bent on making our modern world work better for people while recognizing the importance of well run commerce and government institutions.

We need a path to prosperity.  The citizens of St. John’s County and St. Augustine are the hope of the world.  -rgj 10.19.08

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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