Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 4 December 1, 2008


We have to learn a new trick and then teach it to the world.  We must learn how to live more with each other and less against each other.

Our local operation will create a format for the basic services and programs designed to accomplish this.   All subsequent charters granted to applicants in every county and city in America will put to work the model that we make together in the coming years.

The founding members will be my neighbors and friends living primarily in the historic neighborhood of Lincolnville in St. Augustine, Florida, USA, called the most lawless town in America by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964.

Our people are basically lawful, it’s our city and county government, courts and ‘cops’ that he was  talking about.

Our City Government and State Courts still blithely ignore laws and constitutional limits,  denying and suppressing rights as a matter of course.  The city manager directs a lawless administration with no adverse consequences.

Our development staff of experts

All of our founding members will participate in our decision-making process and guide the development of this new human institution.

I envision home parties where the host couple gets a membership in exchange for inviting guest and participating in both developing the day to day work of an ideal local Chamber of justice unit and putting the plan into action.

That family and their guest will provide the ideas, the expertise and vision that would have been provided by professional staff.

We will have a tiny staff of professionals to serve as facilitators and expertise when needed, but I am convinced that the citizens of St. Augustine will rise to the occasion in an unprecedented accomplishment working together to plant St. Augustine, Florida, USA back into the forefront of modern history.

We will be known as the birthplace of the INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF JUSTICE, the hope of humanity as our organization grows from our small seed into every city and county of every state and then to every nation of the world.

We will take up the challenge from the mountaintop, but respond not with one Joshua, but a multitude of Joshua’s ready to stand up and take on the challenges, finding opportunities where others see obstacles.

Every member a leader

Our staff will attend and present the benefits of membership and the unique opportunity to help our new President-Elect Barak Obama create the change we  need to save our American way of life through the turbulent times ahead.

With your help and the help of your kids and parents we can create the CHAMBER OF JUSTICE here in St. Augustine Florida, we can be a model for the rest of the world.

Dr. King was focusing more and more on economic justice at the time of his death and I see the good people of Lincolnville, our people, taking up this challenge.  Together we will take the next step in the long fight for just treatment & economic opportunity.

You and I and our neighbors will create an organization that will help us network, share our fortunes, enforce equal rights, equal protection by law enforcement and equal treatment by the system of law with no class or financial differences taken into account.  We have plans to accomplish this.

We’ll help you make your ideas happen

As we grow, a professional staff will execute the ideas and programs brain-stormed by our extraordinary but everyday people.



One of the most important programs to initiate will be a jobs program designed to make St. Augustine the center of alternative energy technology for northeast Florida.

I believe we  can create 500 jobs or more from vehicle hybrid technology installations and solar panel installation, the operation centered in St. Augustine.

An alternative energy super store will earn money for the non-profit International Chamber of Justice, funding it’s development, programs & creating good-paying local jobs.

An alternative energy super-store might provide for sales, installation, service and repair of alternative energy systems covering hybrid and other conversions for cars and trucks as well as commercial and home installation of both electric and water heating solar systems.



Our Government Watch program will extend an earlier model of the COP WATCH form used by the PFUN people, the Public Forum Users Network established December 1999 by 19 prominent St. George Street artists & musicians who organized to protect their civil rights and promote their way of life.

The PFUN leaflet informed visitors and new performers or artists of our standards of conduct and the important role we played in the local economy and indeed within the democratic form itself.

Cop Watch St. Augustine

Within the leaflet was a form that could be used to complain about a street performer or artist.  The same form allowed for a complaint on a police officer who in the opinion of the observer ignored or violated the law in his conduct and law enforcement practice put on public display.

A complaint would be processed and recorded, then the original would be sent to the indicated law enforcement agency.  They would do as they will with such a complaint, but we would collect and record them, publishing an index based on reporting.

Our role was not to investigate but to record volume and trends passing on each complaint to proper authorities.  We distributed just over 3000 flyer’s and the change in the conduct of SAPD officers was noticeable.

The St. Augustine RECORD published noticeably fewer reports of raids on homeless camps, pan-handling charges and other harsh enforcement policies for petty offenses, a tactic commonly employed by police departments to move any police contact at all into a drug bust.

I personally observed far fewer incidents of police harassment of young people and skate-boarders, or homeless wretches.  When I did observe, I stopped some distance away and waited.  In nearly every case the officers soon went away with no incident.

I call my theory the ‘Me maw Theory.’  If I suspected Me maw was watching us kids play out the kitchen window, I behaved differently.  I suspect SAPD officers feeling themselves under observation better policed themselves.


Many Eyes, Easy Reporting

The Government Watch program will include all governing agencies and agents including police and all people in the county will have easy access to the complaint forms available on line as well.

This program will eventually bring local governing individuals with authority and responsibility into alignment with honest governing behavior to replace the culturally biased enforcement thought to be inevitable by a large number of locals.

With your help & willingness to report abuse we will say NO MORE.  Law enforcement will no longer be used to suppress and punish dissent and the current administrations violation of the American way will end.  Citizen oversight can work in this manner.  We will also Publish  a Commerce Watch operating in a similar way.



As membership begins to grow and more pot luck dinners turn into discussions about the services that our founding members believe have to be a part of our operation, a plan of action will become apparent to our key developers and we will kick off our first program or service.

As our membership grows, operating funds will become available to expand local operations to better meet the needs of our neighbors and friends.

The local Chamber of Justice will be what we make of it.  Some few will strongly oppose this new view of the future, but the large majority of people will see the promise of a unified global community working together instead of against each other.

The time is right, are you ready to do your part?

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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