Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 5 December 8, 2008


The Chamber of Justice will be what we make of it.  Some few will strongly oppose this new view of the future, but the large majority of people will see the promise of a unified global community working together instead of against each other.


Culture War to the death

Some see us locked in mortal combat for cultural domination and every act and statement is a blow for cultural purity and dominion.  This cultural warfare is intentionally disruptive and is destructive of our American way of life they believe they are preserving.

When I learned about government and how it works in junior high school civics’s class, we were taught that voters would come together after the election and support those we elected with our adversarial system.

The ideal that we will all actively assist our new leader has been lost in my lifetime, if it ever existed at all.

For example, weeks after the election the Republican National Committee is still using harsh campaign rhetoric dividing our country in a time of crisis.  Its purpose of cultural domination & warfare and their use of a hateful divisive  political strategy is clear.

Perhaps voters will come together to fully support the path President Obama will find.


If those who use hateful division to move their ideological agenda will temper their passion with consideration for our precarious financial and strategic security situation, America may have a chance to avoid the consequences and unrest these ‘fire eaters’ wish to stir.

The strategy of relentless attack, with no quarter given tactics stains politics and has worked for the republican party for 8 years.

They appear to believe the other side is doing the same.  There is no other side, these loonies are staring in a mirror fighting with their own demons  They are not dealing with real world threats like they think.



Jim crow governing institutions are organizations whose mission has been hijacked by an interior cultural group or groups taking over the management when it becomes weak, unfocused or otherwise absent.

It is always tempting to indulge our anger and disgust at the crooked and the corrupt individual but the truth is our system of decision-making has broken down and ethical or reasonable behavior is more an accident than the rule.

The system designed to prevent treasonous insurrections done in secret so criminal elements could actually run a city government has utterly failed, for generations.

Records and controls are systematically dismantled by the accountant city manager of St. Augustine which helps him avoid attempts to hold him accountable for anything.

We must recognize the lawless behavior for what it is, an expression of belief by city elites that city and county people will never be able to stop them from anything they wish to do to us or to our system of government.

The recently reelected Mayor stated in a post election interview that sic ‘ he would keep doing what they were doing before,’ using the result of the primary election to justify his support for the lawless activity of the City Manager.


Our Strategy

Understanding the relentless cultural war fought not just against citizens but with both Federal and State authorities charged with enforcing constitutional as well as statutory laws isn’t too difficult for us southerners.  Every victim gets it and we are all victims, even the perpetrators of injustice.

As some authorities decide to enforce their cultural bias in place of the law, other authorities could be relentless in ferreting out corrupted actions of government agencies and then taking appropriate action to hold these rogue governing individuals accountable for their abuse of power.  It doesn’t happen here.

St. Augustine’s entire system of justice is captured by cultural warriors serving something besides the law.  The Chamber of Justice has a plan to undermine and then reverse this decline in performance by our justice system.



Our Government Watch Program will be one of the earliest to launch, grouped with our publishing and job creation operations.

As our operatives cover public county and city meetings we will publish the follow-up reporting and keep you informed about what government decision-makers are doing and planning.

Our govt watch form will be widely published, putting city and county authorities including employees such as police on notice that our eyes are upon them as they go about our business.  I believe we will have some self-policing going on after this is accomplished.

We will initiate city or county ordinances and work to get them passed.  Another early project will be an experiment in democracy.

Our opportunity to vote and participate could be greatly expanded while adding a new set of pertinent records to public decision-making.

I propose something like a basketball scoreboard posted in each city and county auditorium.

Those watching city and county meetings at home could be given a pin code based on their voter registration and allowed to vote by phone for or against proposed ordinances and other items on the agenda prior to a vote.

The vote need not be binding, but should be noted prior to any vote by commissioners.  Commissioners voting differently from the watchers may give him or her a need to explain themselves prior to voting.

Many would like to see prosecution for wrong-doers.  I don’t object but the bottom line is we must seize back control of our government regardless who was at fault.

Like a massive chorus our voices must be demand transparency and open government by our local officials.  We will accept no less, nor will we rest until it is done.



With your help, we can make this change happen.  As a fonding member of the St. Augustine, Florida, USA Chamber of Justice, your voice is added to a multitude of voices that can speak with an authority previously unheard of in St. John’s County Florida.

We are the people.  Those abusing their authority do not speak or act on our behalf.  We can demand lawful behavior in a calm voice with the assurance that our will can be accomplished through our concerted effort.

Those who answer this early call to service will be the modern cyber-warriors, young and some think not yet ready to lead.  I know how to put your knowledge and experience to work for our future.  Your social networking skills can lead the way for the rest of us.

Others who answer this call will be mothers anxious for their family’s future and looking for a real plan of action for their children.

It is precisely because we have struggled for so long, and because the road was hard and the victories hard fought that we are prepared to light the way for our children, the most powerful generation ever born to show us a better, more promising way of life for us all.

We must learn to work more closely with each other in our day to day life.  We must root out the dozens of ways we secretly work against each other each hour of our life.

The old way of maintaining a 360° threat zone hostile to all equally won’t function very well with people seeking dialogue and understanding.



Fathers will answer this call, looking for answers to the tough choices he faces; jobs are hard to find, housing is threatened by foreclosures or escalating rents. Grand parents will answer this call, proud of their children and wanting to be supportive to this new way of hanging together, facing change with a hopeful optimism.

I want you to answer the call to service.  Join our ranks and help us replace working against each other with working and living together.

-rgj 12.1.08

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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