Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 6 December 22, 2008


We need to distinguish the International Chamber of Justice which will sanction and charter all Chamber of Justice units from the local unit under development, St. Augustine, St. Johns County Chamber of Justice.

All founding members will belong to the St. Augustine, St. Johns County Chamber of Justice Inc..  It is here that the real work of the international organization will take place.  We will make it happen, making a mold for others.

The national and State of Florida organizations do not exist yet but the implication you should take away is the St. Augustine unit is the worlds first Chamber of Justice chartered from the International parent also founded here in St. Augustine.

We are depending on everyday people from Lincolnville and West Augustine across the tracks to show us the way leading the world.


This is the original body created as a non-profit corporation by its Board of Directors with COB and CEO Roger Jolley of Va. Beach, Va and now residing at 65 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. Apt 2, St. Augustine, FL, 32084

This organization is developing its world-wide mission with an eye towards finding partners and co-developers in other places ready to take these ideas and run with it.

We are looking for locals ready to take up this challenge and fill positions of authority and responsibility for the local Chamber of Justice.

When there are sufficient persons ready to take up the call, the St. Augustine, St. Johns county Chamber of Justice can be chartered and the real work can begin.


These organizations will develop after the original local unit is established and working here in the nations oldest city, the most lawless town in America.



We the people of St. Johns County being of sound mind desire lawful government, law enforcement & Justice System to safeguard our Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness.

We intend to have lawful government come what may & believe this new human institution initiated here will serve to achieve this just goal for flesh and blood everywhere.

The person reading this is a sovereign individual equal to any state sovereign and empowered to act on the world stage on your own authority.  Do you have courage to act?

Individuals must come forward

Kids in High School may well become the basis for this new organization, if only because so many of the rest of us are securely invested in doing things in ways we have always done before.


We are not enemies but neighbors and passions must not be allowed to strain our bonds of community and peaceful purpose.

The minds of everyone on the planet is of extreme importance as there are no ordinary people.  We live in a community of minds.

As we celebrate the unity of minds that is available to any who will meditate and many do these days, others who feel themselves outside resent or desire harm for the rest of us.

Those who feel a desire to do harm or feel the justification if harm were to befall us are going through an understandable process of mind even as it comes about by twisted reason and misdirected passionate obsession.

The mental loops we seem trapped within can be escaped and the Chamber of Justice proposes to establish a training and counseling program for both Mind-skills and Life Skills.

Conflict resolution and crisis management makes up the only other training program we  plan on providing.


Currently, several advisors and commentators are contributing to the development of these organizing ideas.  The only executive action is my own, as is all funds expended to date on my mission to achieve the goals itemized within this Journal, volume 1.

Over time I will invite people with talent & time to serve on our Board of Directors to direct the enterprise itself and a few key people will be asked to serve as officers with day to day responsibility over their own operations.

Meantime, we have to get from these design blueprints to active operations.  I will not wait for staff or helpers.  I will begin now speaking out, beating a drum for everyone to know the promise of the International Chamber of Justice and how they can get one of their own  beginning right here, right now.

Beat the drum

It must start here because you and I are here.  It must start now because the conditions are precisely right to overcome great odds and achieve a new organization that can achieve the promise of America and the Dream Dr. King spoke of.

I am putting together a two person publishing team to edit and publish our newsletter and monthly magazine.  I hope to find an administrative assistant at some point so I can get more done in a shorter time period, and we  will need one person to maintain our schedule of programs, our own and those of linked churches and school groups.

At that point, initial services will be in place and founder memberships can be sold with some benefits available immediately.

The development of new services and programs will take time to determine, fund and launch, but the effort once begun will become something none of us could plan.

Though it is within our competence to fully design this local organization, the founding members will do as good or better and own the new thing they have helped create.

The pride of accomplishment and personal stake acted out over time grows a commitment essential to the success of this local growing into a world-wide institution.


New members can sponsor home parties to sign up their family and friends and participate in shaping this particular set of programs and services during discussion after the brief presentation.  Nurture the seed.

Most of the programs will require warm bodies to do something and many of these services that starts with volunteers will become paid positions later on.  I expect some jobs to be created just to make our operation fruitful.

New members can do volunteer work to help us initiate programs in less time than we might otherwise, especially a jobs program.

Most importantly, new members can help bring in more new members.  As our membership base grows, so does your power to be heard in the halls of government.


Listen to immediately useful information and expertise, then you will act as a leader within your own family and work group.  People will look to you to help them find answers .

I address the forgotten, the abandoned and the feared down-trodden.  I address youths who think the world is stinking’ rotten the way it is.

I address the great middle class of America who are just discovering that their world is collapsing around them.

We need not confront and challenge the traditional industrial, merchant based system of business.  It’s collapsing on its own.

We must have a friendship with the commerce, industrial sector.  We need them for jobs and places to shop.  We treasure our relationship with the government, police, courts sector.  We need them to do their respective jobs.

We must find reason to have confidence in our government and commerce sectors even while competing on friendly terms to make sure that all of these institutions serve flesh and blood, and not the other way around-rgj12.1.08



© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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