Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 7 December 29, 2008


They see themselves dividing stolen treasure, these classic capitalists still warring with Labor and the hated Unions.  How dare labor statistics stand up for their own interest!

The raving of some few CNBC commentators has surprised me a bit but is actually evidence of the industrial mindset I’ve been writing about.  The obsession with the drama of yesterday’s paradigm is leading a rapid downward decline in global manufacturing, the main global source of jobs.

Ism’s are so yesterday.  The entire range of industrial theology ranges from Left-communism, through socialism into Adam Smith’s Capitalism, the Right which was distorted into the neo-con capitalist piracy we all know and love about the current global financial elite.  This entire drama fails to inform us as it may have once upon a time.


Owners, or stewards as I like to think of them have always had to hire expertise to run the business systems which produce goods for people and a stream of profits for owners

As the better paid labor manages sustenance workers on behalf not of owners but for the business enterprise itself, operational decision-making tends to be efficient and profitable.

Owners or management with poor skills or an impaired vision of the enterprise can wreak havoc on the lives of all who depend on competent management for their jobs and income, to say nothing of the customers who expect high quality workmanship and service.

The entire drama of conflict between so-called labor, management and owner is an industrial language object that contains compressed meanings, significance and passionately held beliefs of all who behold it.

Some believe, others resist, it makes no difference.  What you resist persist.  You must simply walk around this apparent obstruction and leave it behind for the useless thing it is.


I was asked this question by a St. Augustine City Commissioner as I addressed the city’s impending street performer ordinance of 1995.

I’m sure he wanted to know if I ‘made my living’ playing music on St. George Street.  I no longer divide myself into the units many others still use.  I replied I simply lived the gift God gave me and began to list some of my activities.  He stopped me and said,’ I mean how do you earn your money?’

The question ‘what do you do?’ is taken to mean what do you do for money.  I replied I rarely did anything for money but people do give me free-will gifts when I play music and perform though it does not provide my living.

I further explained I could always make a lot more money.  I had full stage kits to perform electric guitar or Bass, as well as my solo performance equipment, but I rarely booked out because the local clubs are so poorly managed which annoyed me.  ‘This interfered with my joyful entertainment product,’ I explained, ‘a cost factor I would not bear.’

I patiently explained to the commissioners my status as an artistic performer and how I used the laboratory of a busy city street to hone my craft and develop a comfortable stage personality natural to me.

I explained that I was not doing LABOR, or BUSINESS, but that I was engaged in an act of Faith, giving my musical performance away and trusting in the Lord for my supper.

They never bought it, though its true.  I am.  I do not work for a living, and any lost soul still employing themselves that way has my sympathy.  I too was like you, once long ago.


I am willing to allow for arguments sake that some of the broken business processes once performed the organizational functions and now, alas no longer do so.

Others will not be so generous, but it is of little consequence.  No matter what our leadership does, things will continue to collapse.

The local collapse waiting in the wings will be compounded by the fact that the global system is spreading the illness until the entire global stack of corrupted, malfunctioning systems collapse and reorganize into more efficient super systems that might actually address the problems and opportunities humans and our market systems face today.

As we continue to think of ourselves and our place in the world by terms like Labor, Management and Owner, we  lock our mind into a loop that we cannot escape or even see whats really happening outside this little narrow line of view.  How can one escape?

That old point of view doesn’t address any of today’s pressing problems

Right-Left doesn’t carry that old emotional charge for me anymore because I think every thought-line and passion now looks cartoon-simple to me.

As cartoons ran against Barak Obama and his vision for our future, I did not see the first Black American to be elected President though the thought brings me to tears of gratitude that I lived to see it.

No, I saw  the first Information-age US President speaking a truth many millions around the globe are coming to see more clearly everyday.

Those who oppose his vision do not even know the terms of todays conflict, nor the terrain on which the conflict will be played out.  Yet, the blind still drives most institutions of government, what can we do to oppose them?  We will not.


World-wide culture war threatens human extinction if we don’t take hold and use the occasion of the collapse of industrialism and the rebuilding that will inevitably occur to position our new institution to serve all three sectors of global decision-makers; 1) the commerce/Industry sector, 2)  the govt/police/courts sector and of course our dearly beloved flesh and blood global family, 3) the just-us-folks sector.

If you allow yourselves to indulge the historic conflict over which ism is in control, you only help drive the collapse to a faster pace.


I will die one day.  Government institutions and commercial, industrial corporations need not die.  They are wealthy and connected, I am not.  I need a network to fill this gap.

People who make government decisions and commerce, industrial decisions secretly direct these immortal wealthy artificial persons and almost no one knows what they do or how.

Mostly, its the complexity, the  interactive set of ‘local’ economies & markets have formed a global network, an interactive super-system.

As the Chamber of Commerce rightly protects and promotes the interests of Commerce and Industry, the founding members of the St. Augustine, St. Johns County Chamber of justice are ready to stand up and develop a friendly competitive cooperation with the leaders of our local business community.

We are not Labor, we’re people like yourselves.  Businesses are neighbors and we’re glad you’re here.  Though we may oppose this or that single initiative for our own personal reasons, we are not enemies and all of us must remind our passionate friends of this important fact.  After we disagree, we will all pick up our load and move along together, hopefully getting along despite disagreement.



The old language of dogmatic certainty marks a fool.  People are accomplishing things in ways we would have never expected.

The Agricultural wave of civilization gave way (through war) to the Industrial civilization and now, through social unrest and national conflicts, we are birthing what Alvin and Heidi Toffler calls the Information Civilization.

With different values, beliefs and methods, a new generation of leaders here in Lincolnville, St. Augustine’s historic free-black community will, God willing & the creek don’t rise, lead the way for the world

Look for more answers in future issues-rgj

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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