Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 8 January 1, 2008


There are many reasons, most unintended consequences of personal choices on how one spends their time, for us folks to fall out of the loop if we were ever in it in the first place.

By the loop, I mean the network of individuals who help make group decisions,  in the form of government acts or commerce/Industrial acts usually initiated and authorized by some specific, though unknown person.

Its fair to say all homeless individuals are out of the loop.  So are most renters and frankly most homeowners too.  The number of people out of the loop is so large it may be better to look at who is in the loop.

Governing agents tend to be courted by commerce and industry leaders who together are in the loop.  These business leaders serve on corporate boards and community committees, and serve on the Chamber of Commerce projects and events.

The Chamber of Commerce brings ever more professionals and people who run businesses into the loop.  This Chamber acts and lobbies government on their behalf.

Us folks outside commerce and government network with other members at church, sometimes several times a week.  Thats about it, our entire network within one church.

As we drop our kids off at school we may run into members our old network of school friends as they drop off their kids.

Our work contacts concludes the short list of our total networking activity for those of us outside the decision-making class.  Most of us are out of the loop.



Some churches, synagogues and mosques have some inter-member contacts and cooperation with other such institutions and so there is some larger networking opportunities available through the church but usually for leadership, not for most members.

A network of churches with passionate pastors and courageous congregations proved more than adequate for the task of moving our nation forward through the so-called CIVIL-RIGHTS MOVEMENT.

I say so-called because I believe the movement was named by opponents to brown-skinned Americans, former slaves having equal rights and equal protection of the law with whites.  Equal opportunity was out of the question as far as those who resented the movement for freedom from ‘their’ domination.



Local Pastors and spiritual leadership of many local churches, without any elaborate computer or phone networks to coordinate their activities did lead their congregations through a turbulent fight for their freedom and liberty from domination and suppression by a corrupted governing structure.  They lost, but they fought for justice just the same.

The entire system of St. Augustine & County governance, legislation, executive & police, and judicial was corrupted to the point I would say it was not an American system of governance and law.   It was a treasonous insurrection of lawful government, a criminal racket undermining rule of law.

Remembering the past turning a blind eye to the now

In St. Augustine Florida, Federal & State laws and constitutions are still as ineffectual and meaningless as they were in 1964 when Dr. King was arrested and jailed for lawful activity.

The rule of law is ignored here in favor of cultural domination and personal aggrandizement over others.  The old Minorcan family’s have things the way they want thanks to a corrupt city manager system of governance that they control in secret.

The old families of Lincolnville and West Augustine who are giants in the Civil Rights Movement are deemed best forgotten by our civic and commerce elite.  They don’t own a city manager but they sit together with old enemies, perpetrators of current civil wrongs and make nice as they remember the past in memorial ceremonies and breakfasts.

Local Judges, Prosecutors, Police and Sheriff’s office, City Commissioners and he City Manager’s office are all Jim Crow distortions of America, their governance skewed by an insistence on dominating & suppressing hated or despised American citizens,  protecting insiders and Chamber of Commerce allies.



No local organization of this sort has been undertaken in Lincolnville and West Augustine, the quintessential ‘bad neighborhood across the railroad tracks’ and it can not grow without the leadership of local pastors and deacons within the church community.  People of good will are needed.

We will not simply offer another adversarial and confrontational attack outlet for those with hard feelings.  We all want our government administrators to obey the law, aren’t we all for lawful and proper government?

Our government watch program is just a small part of what the Chamber of Justice is about.

We believe a natural though unintended consequence of establishing our St. Augustine, St. Johns County Chamber of Justice will be a revival in church attendance throughout the county.  We’ll be good for churches.  A cultural revival is essential.

We hope to publish a comprehensive calender and distribute it on line through facebook to kids and families looking for low budget things to do in a down economy.  We hope to see all youth programs at all churches listed, choir rehearsals, dinners, special services and sports and such reported weekly.

Our organization could be used by churches as the ultimate church youth program resource on steroids.  We want to help.

We will offer our own programs that will help leadership and members of churches navigate through the rapid changes and indeed transformation of our economy and society that will unfold in the coming months.



Because most of us outside of commerce and government do not network widely or well, individuals operating a business that do network have a big advantage when it comes to getting government goodies like tax breaks, better street paving or storm drain systems for ‘good’ neighborhoods instead of the neighborhood of disposable people.

No one steals or buys our government, we simply are too involved in our situation, we have no time or inclination to pay attention, much less take time to network with others of like mind and coordinate our activities to win concessions and tax breaks for ourselves.

If a group of old families conspire to secretly control government, reluctantly allying with new-comer commerce operators to direct police and other city operations to their advantage while using the law to suppress and dominate select classes of citizens, most would call it an insurrection.  I call it secret treason, an abomination I hope will not be tolerated by the Obama Nation.

Now, I could theoretically accept these conditions if I thought my friends and neighbors were willingly, knowingly accepting it themselves.  Of course that is not the case.

Most do not know, or don’t know the extent of the insurrection of legitimate government.

Establishing a lawful government at St. Augustine City Hall & County Courthouse won’t be easy but it is something we can do.

However there is a more important role for this new civil-wrong-doer movement and it is overwhelmingly positive.

Help ordinary people network

Schools, churches and civic groups along with bowling alleys and roller rinks used to provide the entire networking opportunities for non-businessmen and women, which is most of us.

That networking isn’t in the same league with networking that happens through the Chamber of Commerce and the normal process of doing business.

We intend to provide networking and technical support to all humans & institutions of any sort that wish to network, we are ecumenical, non-ideological, non-partisan and non-profit.


© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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