Journal of the International Chamber of Justice – Volume 1 Issue 9 January 14, 2009


Perhaps the first thing I remember thinking in this life was nobody here wants me around, they think I am their burden.  Later I remarked within my own head that I was really different from all those other people.

As an outcast from birth, I have identified with all other outcast and struggled with my failure, the fault within me that made me unlovable to those who looked like me and with whom I shared so much.

I was invisible and still am to a large extent.  When I become visible, I’m likely to be seen as some type of threat or irritant than a loved one, even in mother and child transactions.

I didn’t realize until recently that as a baby, all those big people had already read signals from each other and determined the ‘role’ they had in mind for me.  The only ‘signals’ I had sent was crying from fear or hunger or discomfort.  From there they all talked ‘around’ me often talking about me right in front of me.

My mind painted meaning on the world

They would talk about me or what I had done or what I had said and I thought to myself, ‘I didn’t do that, I don’t think that, I didn’t say that, what the heck are they talking about?  Of course I said nothing because I was an infant and soon a toddler.  They were sending signals and interpreting the signals they seemed to think I was deliberately sending.

I would listen, often thinking they were talking about someone else until my name would be said, and I’d think, ‘Thats not what happened at all,’ then I’d wonder about why these aunts, uncles, sisters and cousins would say the things they do.  As an amateur scholar I have since studied every aspect of the social sciences to try and puzzle it out.

Of course, at the time no one would listen to anything I said or look at my actual behavior outside of the context they had set up but to which they themselves were blind.  As I grew and words became available for me to try and explain who I really was, I found I was no match for their power to overwhelm me with the roles they insisted I play.


I puzzled for all these years now about how these people, my birth family who I have no doubt whatsoever loved me dearly had no desire to know who I am because they had already made up their own mind about me before I had a chance to know my own mind.

What does a sixteen month old baby know anyway?  Tell me how an 8-year old can taunt a room full of aunts and older sisters all near the same age, ‘you’re wrong about me, what are you talking about Woman!!?

I didn’t yet understand that players only love you when they’re playing, otherwise they don’t see you at all.  Play along and be rewarded, resist and hurt anger will replace loving words.

No doubt I tried to defend myself at the time but I’ve since learned that what you resist persist.  My resistance simply locked me in place to finish out the drama wrought for me in the minds of my Mother and her family, & my Father and my sisters.

The minds beginning

My baby sister and baby cousin came home from the hospital about the time Daddy and Mommy went away.  Mother went to work full time also supporting her Mother and two younger sisters, one of whom just had her own baby boy.  I shared my nursery.

6-years, 8-years and 10-years older, my big sisters were charged with childcare when I was 16-months old. Mommy went away one day.  She came home “MOTHER” working +60 hours a week supporting her five children.

For the rest of my life, he was Daddy for all of us but I never heard any of my sisters ever call her anything but ‘Mother’ and I’ve only recently experimented with ‘Mom.’  She’s still MOTHER and the emotional barriers are still up and running despite my determination to do things differently myself.

MIND SKILLS 101 I speak of these things as an introduction to my ideas for a course on Mind-Skills designed to help anyone of any education level, using any language anywhere in the world.  I want to help him or her understand and use their own mind to meet their own purpose.

If you understand just a few things science now knows about how your mind shapes your experience you can begin to take steps in the real world you live in to mutually create better experiences for yourself with your loved ones.

Drive the world instead of being driven by it.

The role of the mind has been relegated to a low status during the Industrial Age.  Like any child’s mind can become a problem to a parent at some point, workers minds were a business problem to solve.  It impacted that precious ‘bottom line,’ profit at the factory.

The social sciences of the time share a common information base and point of view with Industrialism-mercantilism (Capitalism) and so knowledge of the mind became the property of marketing experts, scientist and Doctors who are also expected to understand the body and heal us when we get sick.

Only experts understand anything about the mind.  Ordinary people supposedly don’t have enough time in a work-day to think about anything other than bare survival.



Those whose minds choose a different path from those around them have no one to tell them that there is nothing wrong with them.

Those ostracized and pushed to the edge of the herd (where they are more vulnerable to predators) will voluntarily carry on their outcast role and then punish themselves forever.

I feel outcast for thinking or feeling something different from family members who where shaping me for the role they wished for me to play in dramas and tragedies I never asked to be a part of in the first place.

As I refused to play and finally walked away I lost them all forever.  My family and I visit the old days briefly and then rush to get away from each other again.

We can never go home again.

Only so-called elites and the super-educated know much about how the mind works in a scientific way, and the only way for most to learn about the mind is to admit you are somehow sick and seek medical treatment not for your body but for your mind.

When your mental responses are reasonable for the unreasonable things you experience every day and you believe the problem is not your mind, but the unreasonable things happening everyday to you or your loved ones, why would you then go seek health care from a mental health system?

Doesn’t going to a mental health system define your problem before you ever show up; there’s something wrong with you, ‘you’re sick- your mind is betraying you and the people you love?’  Meanwhile, people around you may be dying or killing others, or you’re simply struggling to feed more children than you have food for and none of this is your mind being sick, it is real life.

So if we are to wrestle the terminology of the mind away from Industrialism’s witch-doctors   & left-right culture warriors we must between us agree on some new definitions of terms, some that mean something different from what it used to, and terms from other areas of study but which we will use in a new context.


Knowledge of the mind is freely available and anyone can understand their own body/mind workings which by itself will empower you to change your own POV, point of view.

Issue 10 will include more on the Mind-Skill Training and counseling program that we envision as a future operation of the Chamber of Justice.   – – rgj 1.14.0

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley

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