Journal of the International Chamber of Justice

We are proud to publish our Journal, formally only available to a few insiders who are helping us with the design of our Organizational structure and the basic structures necessary to create sustainable operations and programs.

We welcome comments and discussion and we are actively seeking senior policy and analysis help during this critical juncture in our on-going development.

Please think of Volume One as a blueprint or an extended vision of future operations as we envision the Global Human Institution we expect will result from implementing our plans.

We do not intend to limit or dictate what our organization should look like or how it should operate in cultures and Nations outside the United States.

Anywhere 8 or more individuals want a Development Charter, our International Organization will issue the charter and provide limited support through our Web Sites, under development at this moment.

Meanwhile this site serves as the central nerve unit of our outreach, with other social media acting as distribution channels.

We envision dozens of charters in a dozen country’s within two years of full-scale operations. Meanwhile, we work on our internal decision-making structures and put together our plan to organize St. Augustine and St. Johns County here in Florida.

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. called St. Augustine,  sic ‘the most lawless town in America’ and in our experience the corrupted law enforcement system used illegally against Dr. King and the peaceful protesters in 1963 and 1964 is still in place.

This corrupted legal system is employed now by the City of St. Augustine, the local courts and the local State prosecutors, denying equal access to the Tourism Marketplace dominated by a few old Family’s, and denying equal access to public accommodations and the Public Forum.

The Public Forum has been coopted into a commercial marketplace and regulated as such. In St. Augustine, no First-Amendment protected activity can occur on a public forum unless commercial vendors are also allowed to invade the public forum, taking all the good spots and effectively preventing any protected expression from occuring without police intervention and an automatic criminal record with the State, for violating a city ordinance.

Effectively, you have a criminal record, even if the Judge later dismisses all the civil charges.  I have several criminal convictions under the Misdemeanor proceedings, yet I have never been charged with a State Crime, neither Misdemeanor nor Felony.

This secret off-the-books punishment used since 1995 is a denial of due-process of law and the keystone of a criminal conspiracy to deny rights. This writer has turned these matters over to law enforcement from Tallahassee and Washington.  Now, I can dismiss my personal situation and fully engage to make the ideas contained within these pages an operational reality.

I’m proud to live in a city that has the courage to face its past and move forward, and I’m proud to be President of the International Chamber of Justice inc. with the opportunity to help my fellow Global Human Family members relate to each other more fully and in a deeper context that could result in peaceful coexistence between cultures that have been in conflict for centuries.

4 Responses to “Journal of the International Chamber of Justice”

  1. chamberofjustice Says:

    Allegedly, I have several issues attached to this page, but I don’t see where anyone can access them…yet, still searching.

  2. chamberofjustice Says:

    Index Issues 1 to 20

  3. chamberofjustice Says:

    Cover Page

  4. chamberofjustice Says:

    First Issue…next issue to be published soon…hehehehe;-)

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