Martin Luther King Day 2010, St. Augustine Florida

We filmed todays march and celebration (will post soon) at the old slave market, now the City Plaza and the crowd was sparse compared to recent years.  The entire group of marchers from both Lincolnville and West Augustine, walking single-file down King Street barely stretched one block.  No one marched from Davis Shores, I suppose they drove if any attended at all.

One can only ponder the various factors that left this march a largely white populated event put on by members of St. Augustine’s Black Churches, but the reasons for human behavior, especially in this town are difficult to fathom.

I won’t speculate and I would encourage you not to invest any emotions if you chose to speculate why so few of St. Augustine’s Black Community attended as compared to previous years.

It seems the people of St. Augustine and St. Johns County are indifferent, ambivalent or antagonistic to the Reverend Doctor King and this holiday, except a very small minority of the Lincolnville, West Augustine families.

Those of our neighbors whose families have been staunch in the Civil Rights movement attended affairs all over town, and led todays ceremony with distinction.  Bethel baptist Church Minister delivered an inspiring talk, rousing applause many times as he spoke.

While our Mayor Joe Boles spoke proudly about the “battle ground” we were standing upon, he seemed ignorant that his administration is using tjhe Plaza as a battleground against the civil rights of artists and street performers.

Yes Mr. Mayor, it was a battle ground like Gettysburg or Vicksburg, but it is the site of on going battles your police department has engaged on behalf of the downtown business conspiracy since 1984.  Its a battle ground that will be your Waterloo, God willing and the creeks don’t rise.

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