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Politics Suck!

April 16, 2011

‎”Politics” is society’s group decision-making process, no more, no less. If our group-decision-making-process sucks and we don’t like to participate because others disagree with us and we find that unpleasant, then we sit back and let others make all those decisions for us then, we sit back and complain about politicians making all those decisions we don’t like.

We have to stop labeling politics in ways that justify’s sitting back and letting others make those decisions and only later speaking up in a way that justifies others to also sit back and complain “after” the decisions are made.

Politicians don’t make these decisions, drop-outs make the above described decisions and then blame the politicians.

If politic’s sucks, its because we have so many proud non-participants with strong, angry opinions. I agree, love your neighbors but I add help your neighbors by participating in group-decision-making.