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“WHAT IS GOVERNMENT? – (Can we come to a wide understanding on terms and definitions?), (#5 in the series)”

July 4, 2013
Exit lines from previous article…
General discussion of government regularly contains references to mission, operations and organizational dynamics interchangeably as if they are all one subject: this completely misleads all taking part in the conversation and prevents real movement towards problem solving when it comes to government and governance.  One persons discussion on mission is another’s discussion on survival of the organization, which is another’s discussion on how government operates- confusion is inevitable.
This article will delve deeper into this confusion and how we might come to terms across the global village on how there terms can be restricted to specific discussion.  As of today’s date, the military in Egypt has deposed the democratically elected President Morsi and taken those studying these matters into a new understanding on what composes government and what agencies within a society might act as government…rgj, July 3, 2013,  the eve of July 4th, 2013- the birthday of the Chamber of Justice.

The head of Egypt’s army has given a TV address, announcing that President Mohammed Morsi is no longer in office.

Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said the constitution had been suspended and the chief justice of the constitutional court would take on Mr Morsi’s powers.

He said Mr Morsi had “failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people”.

Later, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice party, and his deputy were detained, officials said.

Saad al-Katatni, who heads the party, and the Islamist movement’s deputy head, Rashad al-Bayoumi, were reportedly picked up hours after the speech.

Anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo gave a huge cheer in response to Gen Sisi’s speech.

However, US President Barack Obama said he was “deeply concerned” by the latest turn of events and called for a swift return to civilian government.

Tensions between the two main language communities of Flemish and French sometimes run high, and the issue has brought down several governments, creating frequent political instability.

Respect for the royal family, though, is one of the few factors that crosses the communal divide.

King Albert’s announcement comes only three months after Queen Beatrix of the neighbouring Netherlands vacated the Dutch throne in favour of her son Willem-Alexander.

“”One of the biggest problems with governance in all it’s various forms not just in government but in corporate, commerce and industrial governance is the focus on decision-making and the subsequent power and wealth of decision-makers; it creates irrational incentives that prevents problem-solving while subverting governance from the basic mission of the organization.””…(WHAT IS GOVERNMENT, #4 in the series)

So today July 3, 2013…

Problem solvers are usually not decision-makers, indeed, decision-makers have both hierarchical status and power and higher pay while directing lower status employees, both in corporations and in government to solve problems often caused by the artificial distinction between decision-maker and problem-solver.  The incentives to protect one’s power, authority and inflated sense of financial and administrative power lends itself to create problems that preserves power of the decision-maker at the expense of organizational mission, operations or even the continued existence and survival of the organization.

Egypt’s current disruption in the rule of government is a distinct case in point.  The Military is acting as problem-solver while the decision-maker is in democratic theory the decision-maker President Morsi, who is under challenge for his status and power.  By the use of implied military force, President Morsi has been effectively deposed much to the delight of unorganized people of Egypt who it appears felt trapped by the Muslim Brotherhood, the only organized political party in Egypt, and an Islamic coup by the democratically elected President and the constitution passed by his party.

To be frank, when the Party in power (or as in the U.S. where the Republican Party out of power) has used it’s position to shut down cooperation with opposing parties or in the case of allegations about Morsi’s political alliance, used it’s power with the agencies of government to oppress and suppress opposition parties then democratic cooperation and dialogue is not only shut down but proves to be an instrument of tyranny and puts the idea of democratic or representative government to a test that it fails to pass.  Let me be clear- democratic and representative governance is easy to fake- any group of criminals, such as Putin’s government in Russia can create the pretense of government while criminals run government as a criminal syndicate.

So, back to Egypt- the military which must be understood in different terms from the US military given it’s ownership of economic and industrial institutions with ties to industry and commerce institutes acted as problem solver over ruling former dictator Mubarak and now over ruling President Morsi has demonstrated the power of problem-solvers over the formal power, prerogatives and status of “decision-makers.”

The abdication of King Albert of Belgium and Queen Beatrix of the neighboring Netherlands who vacated the Dutch throne in favor of her son Willem-Alexander is another case in point of the deteriorating status of formal decision-makers albeit these constitutional monarchy’s are mostly ceremonial, they still played a real role in governing the governments that ruled and administered the land which they by title rule as King or Queen.

Decision-makers enjoy a higher rate of pay- a very much higher rate of pay for the calorie-standard of work performed compared to manual labor, and yet, they must direct an organization that solves problems through subordinates- a system that has utterly failed to function.

Institutions can only survive if they perform a function for the societies they serve.  As soon as the institution demands people serve them, they fail and those decision-makers seeking the service of the people shit in their own pants- destroying the institution they thought they had absolute control over- these fools deserve what happens to them.
Problem-solvers that operate from the front-lines are able to do things elevated decision-makers cannot even comprehend, much like President Morsi thought he could throw his weight around because he enjoyed position and authority.  In this instance, the Egyptian military has proven itself to be a competent agent of government and much credit should be given for their attempts to empower the people of Egypt to choose their secular and civilian government.
Political Parties and heads of self-important governments imposed upon a people by force or clever contrivance that act as if the power they enjoy comes from their moral right, their political might or their military force should be receiving a powerful message from all of these events- the power is not yours- your ability to impose decision-making on others unrelated to problem-solving will not go unchallenged.  You are not the power you believe you are- it is all in your twisted mind.
Decision-makers that do not solve problems directly will go extinct- it’s not if, but when it will come about.  Corporations, small business, mid and large-cap business, government anywhere- makes no difference- the cult and status of decision-makers will fail, and those who see no other way to operate will lose control over your organization.  Problem-solvers grow economies, business operations and government coherence.  Decision-makers incentives to feather their own nest destroys their relevance.
Governance and government must be clearly understood in all of it’s various meanings- a government is run by individuals that govern, with their self-interest in mind, in light of the operations that make it function, with the organizational dynamics that demands the survival of the organization and of it’s established leadership that are all factors of the same subject…Government.  It’s not a simple thing to discuss and forget- we must be sure what part of the various factors are under discussion or we will be played by parties that have their individual control in mind and not the welfare of you, your spouse and your children…rgj
Stay tuned for the next part of this series…What is Government? – (To be announced)  (#6 in a series)