Volume 1 Index

Sequence and index

Issue 1

l  Simplified vision of global relationships

l  Services and programs under development

l  How things used to work

l  Merchant model meets factory model

l  call this the mercantile economic system

l  mercantile/industrial language & culture

l  reorganizing our thinking & language

l  old terms & new implications

l  start by solving the right problem

Issue 2

l  Why we are

l  Who we are and what we do

l  we will provide networking opportunities

l  the fall of capitalism as we know it

l  we need answers

l  at the dinner table…

l  a new language  of adaptation to change

l  answers lie in reprogramming our thinking

l  operations under development

Issue 3

l  Provisional mission statement

l  Why here, why us, why now-HOW?

l  The first local Chamber of Justice

l  Why here?

l  Why Us?

l  Why now?

l  HOW? Our lawless govt

no leader to save us

our people will lead the world

Issue 4

l  A practical plan of action

l  First things first

l  our development staff of experts

l  Every member a leader

l  We’ll help you make your ideas happen

l  Create 500 alt energy jobs

l  To punish & suppress dissent, or not

l  How will it begin?

Issue 5

l  A practical plan of action

l  Culture war to the death

l  Strategic Thinking

l  Our Strategy

l  Demand competence and transparency

l  What can I do- I’m struggling myself

l  Answer the call, take a stand with us

Issue 6

l  Structures to get the work done

l  The International Chamber of Justice

l  Florida and USA Chamber of Justice

l  The St. Augustine, St. Johns County Chamber of Justice

l  Individuals must come forward

l  Celebrate a new beginning

l  Governing structures

l  Beat the drum

l  What can I do?

l  Put yourself in the loop

Issue 7

l  Blaming Labor for the fall of the Big 3 US automakers

l  Management is itself Labor

l  What do you DO?

l  Industrial language & the owner/labor conflict

l  That old point of view doesn’t address any of todays pressing problems.

l  I am Flesh & Blood, I Bleed

l  Room to be wrong

Issue 8

l  Out of the loop

l  Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a network of networks

l  Churches prime network for Civil Rights Movement

l  Remembering the past turning a blind eye to the now

l  Putting you in the loop

l  Is it Treason?

l  Help ordinary people network

Issue 9

  • Terms of the mind owned by industrialisms cold-war culture warriors and witchdoctors
  • My mind painted meaning on the world
  • The observer inside my head- the mind as a sight organ
  • The Mind’s beginning
  • Mind-Skills 101
  • Your mind chooses your path through the living experience
  • We can never go home again
  • What we know (but really don’t) is hurting us

Issue 10

  • Mind-Skills Training
  • Knowing hurts us
  • My Mind, what is it?
  • Experience defined
  • If you don’t like your experience change your Mind
  • POV- Point of View
  • The Minds tool box
  • Life-Skill Training

Issue 11

  • Why are we in trouble? People can’t understand
  • What does this “mind crap” have to do with Economic Justice?
  • Where Minds meet
  • Opening new public pathways
  • For 1700 years the mental model worked
  • A vast global confidence game
  • When the average citizen is beyond the protection of the Federal Government and it’s Courts.
  • The game is rigged and we’ve known all along
  • Restoring confidence calls for restoring legitimate government.
  • Of the people, by the people

Issue 12

  • A Practical way to Move forward
  • Important Families of St. Augustine
  • American or Hyphenated-American?
  • Pride of Ownership
  • One American family
  • Personal Diplomacy Camps
  • Cooperative Competition for Government Goodies

Issue 13

  • Our Mission is quire simple to say
  • Competitive Cooperation
  • Working with the Chamber of Commerce as partners.
  • Upward Mobility: Rising Tide
  • So more people can have opportunity to create new jobs
  • Expected Areas of conflict
  • Informal vending Marketplaces
  • Creating new opportunities from old problems
  • Cooperative Competition

Issue 14

  • Government Sector relations
  • The Purpose of Governments
  • Interest of the STATE or the Decision-Maker
  • Legitimate Vs. Jim Crow Government
  • Government to suppress the People for the Commerce and Military complex
  • Use of color of Law and Criminal Justice to suppress dissent
  • Heavy Paramilitary Police presence as a tourism attractor
  • County Justice System Rigged
  • Relationships with tyranny
  • Relations with legitimate Government Decision-Makers
  • Honorable Government Officials
  • Helping Government achieve stability

Issue 15

  • Government Sector Relations II
  • How to help Government achieve Stability & Growth
  • Government Decision-Makers
  • “if you should choose to lead, must follow…The Grateful Dead
  • Sharing Power- Nations of the United globe
  • from “The Post-American World” by Fareed Zakaria
  • Get our finger out of the Dyke, to free our hands for working together
  • Helping Governments Adapt
  • What Governments may make of us
  • providing Services and Programs
  • Applying our new Expectations

Issue 16

  • Government sector relations III
  • Applying New expectations
  • Systems that connect systems
  • The Vital importance of Public Dialogue
  • Jim Crow Mindfulness
  • Body-Centered Governance
  • Governing Jim Crow communities
  • Legitimate Governments
  • Mindset of Legitimate Government
  • Governments that undermine the Rule of Law
  • Retrieving lost governments and restoring trust in the Rule of Law

Issue 17

  • Government Sector Relations IV
  • Education and Freedom
  • Government as a Coercive psychological System damaging Mindfulness
  • Families and Mindfulness
  • False Ideas and damaging practices
  • Belief Systems of Governing Elites
  • Government: Bully, protector or helper?
  • Retrieving lost Governments and restoring trust in the Rule of Law

Issue 18

  • Developing Mindfulness
  • Born into Disneyland
  • Life-Skills at work
  • Our first mental marketplace
  • Dining at the Dinner Table
  • Ignorance as a Cultural Norm
  • Learning Life-Skills
  • Mutually creating our daily experience
  • Structures of Decision-Making Processes
  • Industrial language traps
  • Systems POV as a trump card
  • next: Parallel Lines of Development

Issue 19

  • Parallel lines of Development
  • Preparing for Fast-Track growth
  • Distributed Design & Decisions
  • Minimal Operating Imperatives
  • Many eyes, many hands, easy reporting
  • A Chamber of Justice where you live
  • State, regional and National Conventions
  • First Charter application received
  • Seeking a Strategic Partner
  • Free-Market Social Programs

Issue 20

  • Free Market Social Programs
  • Living in Apartheid St. Augustine
  • Food Sharing and Relation-building twice a week-
  • The theory behind dining together
  • A New Weekly Habit
  • Feeding the hungry-finding new social opportunities
  • Can’t we let sleeping dogs lie?
  • Non-Representative Candidates
  • Non-representative Coercion
  • The importance of public dialogue

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