Volume 1 Issue 1 November 1, 2008 – Journal of the International Chamber of Justice Inc

A simplified vision of global relationships

We are planning a new Global Human Institution designed to take the next step in civil rights and uncivil wrongs by the Govt/police/courts sector of society.

We will expand on existing networks like churches and schools with new connections & build new networking options for individuals to fill a gap between all flesh & blood and all artificial persons (both commerce/industry and govt sectors), not really equal under the law.

Services & programs under development

l  Program to inform & educate – practical answers & useful information

l  Publish schedule of shared community functions & activities- opportunities to get in the loop- networked and coordinated for maximum power & new opportunities.

l  Program to rebuild confidence in Govt and commerce community-

l  All levels- Full press lobby group- Competition for govt goodies, tempered by cooperation.

l  Legislative group- write ordinances for city and county, get them passed

l  Govt watch & report- Easy reporting…

l  Commerce watch & report- Many Eyes!

l  Local advocate round table & resources

l  Program to create 500 alt. Energy technology jobs in St. Johns County

l  Program of training offered-

Life-skill training & counseling

Mind-skill training & counseling

l  Comprehensive Homeless solution

l  Business incubator- micro-finance and micro-business development

l  Low-cost phone, Internet and computers for all eligible members to connect and empower membership.

HOW THINGS USED TO WORK simplified version of our new reality

Once upon a time everyone lived and worked together in organizations called tribes and agricultural communities.  Group decision-making was easy, done by a powerful few.

Later the STATE (the King) became the unit of organization within which nearly all lived.  Common cause with Merchants & guilds led to a model of merchant based economies whose taxes constituted the wealth of the nation.

Merchants had cash and the STATE needed some to finance the crusades, so the STATE dumped now homeless and unskilled serfs from the land, creating a low wage labor market, assisting merchants in profit taking.

It was believed at the time that value lies in a material object in terms of trade value.  The important value created in this commercial transaction was the cash generated by trade.

At the time most believed that someone must lose for another to gain, now understood as a zero-sum game and repudiated by modern economics.  Some still believe and damage each other and the system needlessly.

Merchant model meets factory model

Factory mass production replaced guilds whose craftsmen made everything produced prior to modern manufacturing.  Serfs were released from the land and their former homes without the tools they needed to make their way and provide for their families.

Forced as a result to work for pitiful pay under degrading conditions entire families worked.  Children demanded less pay and manned many of the jobs at local factories.

But large amounts of goods produced for less galvanized the developed commerce economy (based on buying and selling) and world-wide trade created competition for the seven seas.

Banks helped to accumulate the large amounts of cash needed to finance the new, large enterprises developing with the advent of the factory method of mass production.

The factories and merchants developed with the assistance of the STATE keeping wages low so goods could flow and taxes would fund the particular governor acting as the STATE, which then competes with other States.  Call this a mercantile economic system..

The U.S. Constitution continues a relationship  within the mercantile system and includes a “COMMERCE CLAUSE“ requiring the regulation of Commerce ( and Industry).

Merchant//Factory Language & Culture

We all think in the terms of the language we use.  The language people have used since the dawn of the Industrial age traps us, binding us to a vision and methods and a process  that doesn’t solve todays problems.   Worse, it blinds us to a new reality unfolding.

After WWI, systems engineering  expanded information and expertise.  The late 60’s launched new marketing and distribution knowledge and expertise held by a few.

When linked to the development of computer information systems and improved phone networks, a synergy ignited a fast moving, agile system of expertise with “cheap“ or free information available  to anyone by Internet.

Those who studied or worked in these fields developed a new class of expertise now known as KNOWLEGE CAPITAL, which can replace all other functions and assets formerly thought to be essential in the mass production and distribution of goods and services.

What this means is the economic role of manufacture and capital is changing, subordinating itself to what was thought to be lessor, unimportant elements of the means of production, like for example, people.

Once no one knew squat- now everyone knows more and 7-card draw is giving way to 5-card stud, all cards on the table.

Transparency is the new norm.  Scheming with secret information is what caused the unfolding decline in manufacturing and the global banking crash in the first place.

People are the most essential element of the production-consumption process, not Capital.

Reorganizing our thinking and language

Goods produced by Labor, overseen by Management working for Owners describes the classic business model, now collapsing.

In the WAL-MART® world, goods are co-produced by the consumer at the customers instigation, manufactured and delivered by the distribution system at a favorable price, and is no longer dominated by manufacturing or capital.  It is a mutually coordinated behavior employing a system and process designed to satisfy each artificial person participating in the transaction.

Notice the terms don’t mean what they used to.  Listen to those promising answers for the language they use. Describing a problem in industrial terms suggests a decision-maker will find no solutions.

Old terms and new implications

Expertise and the information used as a resource can potentially replace each of  the usual elements of production.  Those with Capital to invest hire expertise to run the vast and complex business systems that make up a modern corporation.

The new dominant value creator is Expertise, ones knowledge and skill in applying it to tasks, problems, and opportunities.  Capital and Manufacture are no longer dominant, collapsing largely because their methods of decision-making aren’t working anymore.

Confrontation, secrecy and deception don’t perform for modern management where transparency and trust are vital to business function and performance.

Terms like Labor, Management or Owner categorizes a process in ways that no longer serves to explain what is happening.  Its more complex than that.

If something different is happening and our language can’t explain the phenomenon much less suggest answers to perceived problems and opportunities, we must learn a new language that does explain what we see. -rgj

Watch for more answers that lie in reprogramming our own thinking.  We can find practical answers to other pressing historic conflicts and current personal problems unsolvable under mercantile-industrial thinking.  Start by solving the right problem.

© Published by The International Chamber of Justice, 65 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA 32084  COB and CEO Roger G. Jolley     chamberofjustice@ymail.com

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